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Buffalo Chicken Mini Burgers

Ok, so this dinner was not high in veggies but it could be.  Those who have followed my posts know I love Buffalo Wing Sauce.   I wanted Buffalo Chicken Wings but I wanted a lower fat version and one I didn’t have to eat with my fingers.  So this was a fast and easy to […]

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Mini Tomatillo Chicken Burgers

These are my favorite “fun dish” I’ve made this month.  They tasted so good.  This meal would be great for company or any day of the week.  I made mine on a Monday night! Ingredients: 1 pound ground chicken breast 1 pound ground chicken thigh ½ orange pepper, finely diced ¼ -½ red onion, finely […]

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Black Bean Cakes

Quick easy recipe that can be served on a plate, wrapped in lettuce or a tortilla, on a bun or make them teeny tiny mini cakes and serve them on top of a tortilla chip!  You get the idea.  How will you serve up your black bean cakes? Ingredients: 1 can organic black beans rinsed […]

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Gluten Free Jalapeno Poppers

Ingredients: 12 fresh jalapeno peppers, halved lengthwise, stems, seeds and membranes removed 6 ounces cream cheese, let it set out to soften 1 1/2 cups grated Monterey Jack or mozzarella cheese 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin 1/2 teaspoon cayenne, or less, to taste 2 large cage free eggs 2 tablespoons organic milk 8 teaspoons of a […]

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Wholesome Gluten-Free Baking

You are all in for a treat today, literally, if you get baking.  Alissa Segersten has written the best cookbook I have ever read.  (Sorry Julia) I think everyone, no matter if you follow a gluten free and dairy free diet or not, should own this book.  It has clear and concise descriptions and explanations about […]

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Gluten Free Frito Fish

I’m sure this sounds even crazier than Frito Chicken Nuggets.  Well it may be but my 15 year old ate it all and asked for more.  He’s not a fan of “real” food so eating fish that is not in long rectangles is something he really doesn’t like to do.  I was making the Macadamia […]

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Macadamia Nut Breading

Ingredients: 12 oz Unsalted Macadamia nuts (available in my store and I found some locally at Trader Joes) ¼ cup Gluten free & sugar free tortilla crumbs (use your favorite bread crumbs) 1 tsp basil Sea salt and Pepper to taste Add ingredients to a food processor and process until ground.  I like to have […]

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Gluten Free Fritos Chicken Nuggets

Yes you read that right.  I coated chicken nuggets with Fritos and fried them to a crispy crunchy taste treat in your mouth.  This was inspired by my teenager who loves chicken nuggets but doesn’t eat gluten or eggs.  I’ve made this before but I mixed the Fritos with gluten free pretzels.  He tells me […]

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Salmon, Green beans with Shallots and Red Quinoa

Tonight’s dinner was a quick fix with a enough leftover quinoa for other meals.  I took advantage of a seasoning mix that is already combined so all I have to do is shake.  Penzeys Spices carries many varieties.  If you try any of the recipes on this blog please take a picture and send it […]

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Peanut Butter Cookie Joy

All hands on deck, the cooking has begun! Everyone is helping out and has their jobs to do.  Today my oldest son Andy will make gluten free lasagna, I’m cooking everything else for our trip and my husband’s job will be eating it.   Last night my youngest son Brad baked Peanut Butter Cookies from The […]

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