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Food Rock Star Michelle Stern

Michelle is a power house.  If you’re not sure just take a little time to read all about her passion and her travels.  Don’t forget her new cookbook!  I’ve met Michelle via the blog world and in person at conferences and she’s as wonderful in person as she is here in print.  Enjoy! Name : […]

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Food Rock Star Hallie Klecker

Hallie packs a lot of power in a little package.  She is vibrant and a passionate foodie who loves to share all the goodness about food with everyone.  I hope you will enjoy learning a little more about her.  Make sure you don’t miss her big announcement. Name: Hallie Klecker Business and or blog name: […]

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Food Rock Star Wendy Gregory Kaho

I’m really excited to share Wendy  from Celiacs in the House with you.  Wendy is an amazing woman.  I started following her blog soon after she started writing.    I was lucky enough to meet Wendy in person at a food blogging conference in Seattle.  As soon as I met her in person I knew […]

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Food Rock Star Gaby Dalkin

I’d like to share Gaby Dalkin with you.  I first met Gaby at a food blogging conference.  She was on the pannel and was sharing great advice.  She gave me a great tip so I could have the print recipe function on my blog.  If you like food than you’ll love Gaby’s blog.  It’s not […]

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Food Rock Star Tia Hain

Tia is one of a kind gal you’ll want to get to know.  I met Tia in person at a food blogging conference and then we met up again just for fun.   She burst onto the gluten free blogging scene just a year ago and has shared great info and helped lots of people. […]

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Food Rock Star Karen Broussard

This week’s Food Rock Star shares food in a little different way than past stars.  She isn’t sharing recipes or cooking gluten free but she will help you be able to go out and go on vacation and eat gluten free.  Another neighbor of mine who I’ve yet to meet.  Karen and I have emailed […]

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Food Rock Star Cheryl Harris

Even though Cheryl only lives 29 miles away we’ve not met face to face, yet.  I’m hoping that will change this month.  I’ve heard Cheryl’s name for years now in the gluten free and nutrition community.  She does a lot of speaking, great demos and classes like Living and Loving a Gluten-Free Diet.   I […]

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Food Rock Star Iris Higgins

I’m happy to introduce you to a beautiful person, both on the outside and on the inside.  Iris is a gal that is not afraid to pursue her dreams and I love that about her.  She also has big dreams and I love that too.  I hope someday to get to meet Iris in person. […]

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Food Rock Star Alta Mantsch

Today I’d like to introduce you to Alta.  Alta has such a wonderful outlook on life.  She makes great food and takes amazing photos of it that you could just eat off the computer screen.  Make sure you visit her blog. Name : Alta Mantsch Business and or blog name: Tasty Eats At Home URL: […]

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Food Rock Star Kalyn Denny

Today’s Food Rock Star is Kalyn Denny.  I’ve followed Kalyn’s blog for some time now.  She was among the first bloggers I contacted way back in November 2008 to share a recipe for my holiday food gifts post.  Since then I was lucky enough to meet her at BlogHer Food Conferences.  She’s very giving and loves […]

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