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Chicken Chow Mein with Gluten Free Soy Sauce

This is a dish I have loved to eat since I was a young teen.  I was a kid who ate only a few foods and the thought of eating more than one food at a time was gross to me.  Eating peanut butter and jelly together was a victory for my mom.  I didn’t […]

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Buffalo Cranberry & Wine Sausage With Pork

Whenever I cook vegetables for my husband I have to do a good job of either hiding them or making sure they are part of the dish.  They do not over power the dish with their taste and texture.  I guess that’s the same thing as hiding them.  I’m really working on getting more vegetables, […]

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Immune Boosters are Good Everyday

Immune boosters are good everyday, not just because you are worried about this new flu outbreak.  They are especially good if you are dealing with the effects of gluten when you are intolerant to it or have Celiacs Disease or other autoimmune diseases.  Either way you should read what Kim Harris, The Nourishing Gourmet, has […]

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Bananas Foster with Dairy Free Coconut Milk Ice Cream

This is one of those wonderfully naughty desserts.  It tastes great, makes a really cool presentation and it’s sweet.  What more can you ask for?   Well this version is gluten free and dairy free.  The main source of sweetness comes from the agave but there’s sugars in rum too, so this I’m sure is high […]

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Seasoned Fingerling Potatoes

I love potatoes.  If I could, I would live on potatoes and chocolate, but not necessarily together.    Although, I have had chocolate dipped potato chips and they were very tasty.  Back to our fingerling potatoes.  These potatoes are a great side dish to fix when you want something that does not take a long time […]

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Wholesome Gluten-Free Baking

You are all in for a treat today, literally, if you get baking.  Alissa Segersten has written the best cookbook I have ever read.  (Sorry Julia) I think everyone, no matter if you follow a gluten free and dairy free diet or not, should own this book.  It has clear and concise descriptions and explanations about […]

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Organic Asian Vegetables on the Side

These fresh vegetables are a wonderful side dish to your Sesame Crusted Tuna or other Asian seasoned meals.  You can even take this side dish and add in your favorite protein for a complete meal.  Using fresh vegetables is a great way to have gluten free meals. Ingredients: 2 organic baby bok choy cleaned and […]

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This is not going to be one of those 15 minute meals but it is totally worth the effort.  When I make this meal the I double the recipe for everything but the seafood.  After our first serving and all the fish and such are removed I freeze the stock so my next Cioppino dinner […]

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Shallot Pepper Shrimp -Gluten Free

I’m happy to say my hubby is taking me out to dinner tonight so my Cioppino will have to wait until tomorrow.  So I’ll share my 15 minute lunch which could be expanded into a dinner with some sides.  I was so hungry that this is as far as I got today. Ingredients: 1 pound […]

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Macadamia Nut Crusted Tilapia with Vegetables & Quinoa

Opening the refrigerator 1 hour before dinner, I worked on using things I had leftover from previous meals.  The macadamia nut breading mixture and the quinoa were waiting in the refrigerator.  When I am putting together dinner I know what my protein will be, but sometimes not really how I will prepare it or what […]

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