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Double Chocolate Clementine Vita-Mix Cake and Cupcake Recipe

This is a delicious gluten and dairy free chocolate clementine cake that is super fast and easy to make. I bet you won’t make just one!

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Friday Foodie Fix – Chocolate

I’m taking a guess here that this will be one of the most popular Secret Ingredients for Friday Foodie Fix.  I hope many of you will share your recipes and find many new ones to make. Chocolate is produced from a few ingredients including the seed of the cacoa tree.  I realize that means chocolate […]

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Cranberry Chocolate Nut Truffles Recipe

These fast and easy treats are part of the Gluten Free Dessert Progressive Dinner Party. Find more gluten free desserts at the party. These are gluten, dairy, soy and grain free!

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Chocolate Sorbet with Roasted Chocolate Nibs

Welcome to the Frozen or Chilled Dessert day for our Gluten Free Dessert Progressive Dinner Party.  I’ll be serving my Chocolate Sorbet with Chocolate Chunk and Roasted Chocolate Nibs. Chocolate is one of my favorite things to eat.  I of course had to make a frozen chocolate dessert for the holidays.  This Chocolate Sorbet with […]

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Wholesome Gluten-Free Baking

You are all in for a treat today, literally, if you get baking.  Alissa Segersten has written the best cookbook I have ever read.  (Sorry Julia) I think everyone, no matter if you follow a gluten free and dairy free diet or not, should own this book.  It has clear and concise descriptions and explanations about […]

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Chocolate Macadamia Nuts

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope you get something sweet and something that smells wonderful today.  Don’t forget you always treat yourself. Here is a quick sweet treat that is gluten free, dairy free and soy free.  Chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Grab a bag of whole or half pieces of macadamia nuts and a bag of […]

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Mom’s Chili Recipe

My mom is a great cook. I learned so much from her. She can open a refrigerator and where most people would see a bunch of different food items she sees meals. This is a gift I am happy to say she passed along to me. I just can’t understand when my family opens the […]

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Chocolat –My date with Johnny Depp

The weather here is very cold and icy so I decided tonight to curl up on the couch and watch Chocolat, the movie where I first fell in love with Johnny Depp.  He and Juliette Binoche are two of my favorite actors.  This wonderfully decadent movie is full of thick, delicious looking chocolate.  My favorite […]

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Food Gifts Galore!

It’s that time of the year when you search for that perfect gift to give.  Are you looking for something for those who have everything or that special teacher or caregiver that really made a difference?  Why not give a food gift that you made?  People love to get food and they love to get […]

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Peanut Butter Cookie Joy

All hands on deck, the cooking has begun! Everyone is helping out and has their jobs to do.  Today my oldest son Andy will make gluten free lasagna, I’m cooking everything else for our trip and my husband’s job will be eating it.   Last night my youngest son Brad baked Peanut Butter Cookies from The […]

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