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Friday Foodie Fix – Broccoli

This week’s Secret Ingredient is Broccoli! Come share a recipe and find a recipe to cook up that in season broccoli! Don’t forget to make it gluten free. Dairy free is always a bonus too.

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Garlic Scapes Stir-Fry with Salmon and Quinoa

I love visiting the farmers markets and finding vegetables that are new to me.  Garlic Scapes found me last week.  Garlic Scapes are the flower stems that the garlic plants produce as they are maturing.  Many farmers will cut them off so all of the growing energy and nutrients go to the garlic bulb.  They […]

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Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger- Potato Crusted Frittata

I had a lot of fun with Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger that Book of Yum has started.  It gets me out of my own head and into that of fabulous cooks.  My new favorite book is Ali Stegersten’s Whole Life Nutrition Book.  It is a great resource and it was wonderful to have her […]

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Pro Bowl Feast with Kalua Pork

Aloha!  Well this is a sad day around our house.  It’s the last football game of the season with the Pro Bowl in Hawaii.  No more football until August 6th.  Yes, I know the date of the Hall of Fame game next year.  Last year Scott and I were fortunate enough to attend the Pro […]

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Quick Fix Chicken and Broccoli

Today we had lots of choices around here for things to do.  Watch playoff football and head downtown to the Lincoln Memorial Concert and activities just to name two.  Well we split up and my husband took our 15 year old to DC and said it was unbelievable how many people were there.  I stayed […]

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