Real Food Weekly

This year is time to focus more specifically on the types of foods we eat, beyond is it safe, beyond is it gluten free or dairy free or whatever free.  Let’s move to is it good for our bodies.  Is it made from Real Food.

This will be our weekly blog carnival focus.  I hope you will join us.

First let’s define what Real Food is so you will know what to expect.

Let’s start with what each word means on it’s own.

food  [food] n 1. something that nourishes, sustains, or supplies.
real [ree-uhl, reel] adj 1. true and actual; not artificial

Real Food is food that is not processed.  You didn’t open a box that has cooking directions and added something to it.  Real Food can also include what is referred to as “green”, “fair”, “local”, “sustainable”, “whole” and “slow”.

For this blog carnival I’m most concerned with the “whole” foods.  Those that are not processed.

It’s really very easy to participate so let’s get to the guidelines.


Please link back to this post so your readers can find lots of great recipes.

Link to your individual post, not your home page.

Please share recipes made with very little packaged ingredients but using single food ingredients or Real Food. Maybe 1 or 2 if the list of ingredients is long.  If I bake something I’m usually using almond flour but I didn’t make it myself.   So you see where I’m going with this.

Please do not link giveaways or book reviews, this is for recipes with Real Food.

As always, have fun!

Now hopefully that doesn’t seem to difficult.  The point is to share Real Food with Real People!

Please don’t make me be a meanie and have to remove your link if you don’t follow the guidelines.

When you share your recipe feel free to grab one of these badges, or as Tia calls it Real Food Bling, and add it to your post.  You can even add it to your blog sidebar.

Just peruse below for the applicable code snippet for your favorite Bling:

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