Gluten Free Blogroll

There are many wonderful blogs out there to choose from that if I shared every single one the list could be a mile long and I think I’m already close.  Here are some of the blogs I read.  They vary from gluten free, dairy free, grain free, allergy free, non-allergy free, inspirational, Lyme Disease, resources and so much more.  I hope you will take the time to visit them. Please come back to this page often as your needs change.


Gluten Free and Dairy Free Services and Support Systems

Here are services and support systems that I have found helpful. If you have more please add them to the comments section. Thank you!


Here is a list of information on Organic living.


More healthy living services I love… 

Down Dog Yoga– This is where I practice hot vinyasa flow yoga and I love it.  The instructors are wonderful, there are so many class times and I get to detox, exercise and reduce stress all at once.  They have location in Herndon, VA & Georgetown, DC & Bethesda, MD.

Intentional Touch Massage Therapist Kathleen Kirkpatrick in Herndon, VA where I go to relax and energize.

Hai Jin Kim, MD of Heath Builders provide an integrated approach to health by offering traditional and nontraditional methods of diagnosis, treatment and management of disease AND optimal health.

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