Gluten Free Apps

I love my iPhone and iPad because of the time they save me and access information quickly.  I use it for tasks I repeat to help save time and keep me organized.  Here are a few of my favorite apps that I think you may find useful too.  If you have some please share them with me too.  Many of these applications also have great websites.

Cook it Allergy Free  – You can search hundreds of recipes, customize it to fit allergy needs, find substitute ingredients, save your changes and use the recipes to create your grocery list.  Kim has a great blog too.

Grocery Gadget  – Let’s you create a grocery list with items you find on a search or enter yourself.  If you create a group, like your family, anyone can add something they need to the list and you can send any of them shopping for you.  I love that you can add the barcode and even a picture so they come home with the right item.

Dirty Dozen – from EWG the Environmental Working Group – Are you always trying to remember which foods are the Clean 15 (the lowest pesticides) or the Dirty Dozen (the most pesticides) that you really should buy organic?  You don’t have to, just use the app.

Insight Timer – A great timer to use for meditation.

Flight Tracker – Track your flight to see if it’s on time or someone you’re waiting to see.

Gate Guru – Helps you find where and what food is available at different airports.

Convert Bot – is a unit conversion robot.  Convert currency, length, mass, time and much more.

Open Table – This is a great way to find restaurants and make reservations.

iSpice – Have you ever wondered about a different spice, what it’s like and how to use it?  You’ll love this app from Monica Bhide.  This fun and simple application guides you and teaches you about different spices, herbs and seasonings. You will find valuable information on the spice, videos, recipes and of course where to purchase the ingredients.

How Hot Are My Chile Peppers  – Not an app but a handy list for those of us who love peppers!