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As our year speeds along and we're heading towards Spring I think about the opportunities to start again, try something new and break out of the doldrums of winter.  So what are you looking forward to during Spring? What would you like to try that's new or start again?

Scott's hamburger approvalHow about focusing on what you can eat, trying an easy bread mix and sharing your stories?  That's what we have in this newsletter.

I hope to hear from you some great stories and feedback.  Also, if you're looking for something specific in these newsletters please let me know.

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Have a great month!


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Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls Stew Recipe

Menu Plan Monday - March 15, 2010

What Can You Eat?

Do you find as you navigate the world of food that you focus on the foods you can't eat?  It's really easy to do and I often find myself thinking the same thing.  What would happen if we shifted our focus to what we can eat?  What new foods would we try?  Would we shop in different stores?  Would we seek out new recipes, cookbooks and ideas?  

Let's give it a try.  I'd like for you to make a list of all of the foods that you like and you can eat.  If your family is like mine, different members like different foods and even those can be different from the ones their bodies can tolerate.  This can make cooking more challenging.  But it can be done, I do it every day.

I have a list just like I'm describing above and it has a column for each family member.  I start by listing all of the foods we can eat and we all like.  I also color these green.  Then, since I'm first on the chart, I keep listing the foods I like and can eat.  Across the chart if someone can eat it but doesn't like it or has not tried it before I give it a yellow color.  If they can't eat it it's red. 

Now, armed with my master chart I can mix and match ingredients to create millions of meals.  I now have a list of foods/ingredients that I can use to search the web for ideas.  I can look through cookbooks, menus, and anything now with new glasses so to speak.  The grocery stores now become your new playground.  If you're lucky enough to live around different types of grocery stores, go for a visit.  See what fruits and vegetables they have that you never heard of.  Write them down, come home and research.  Of course having that great Deluxe Food Lover's Guide will also help with food identification and ideas on how to use it.  

Now this may sound like a waste of time to many folks and I can see some of you rolling your eyes at me.  You're thinking I'm crazy.  Well I probably am, but we eat really well around here.  I rarely cook the same meal twice.  If we have it again it's usually leftovers I've frozen.  But there are some meals I do make more than once.  The point is, there are so many options out there for you and if you are only focusing on what you or someone in your family can't eat, well you just must starve or die of food boredom.  Either way you're not having enough fun with your food. 

So, give it a try and let me know what happens.  This could be a great starting off point of discussion with family members about trying new foods.  We have found so many great foods that we never would have tried if not forced outside our comfort zone.  Just the other day my husband said, "I can't believe I'm wishing you made more sweet potato hash."  In the past you could not have paid him to try a sweet potato.  So what new ingredient are you going to try this month?  I'd love to hear all about it.

How I Play with Chebe Mix

I have to say I'm having a blast coming up with new ways to use this Chebe All Purpose Mix.  Now most of you know I'm not a fan of mixes.  Most have ingredients I can't eat so I'm learning how to bake on my own.  But I have found that this mix is very affordable, easy to work with, has multiple uses, tastes great, love the texture and I can eat it.  So far everything I've made with it has turned out great.

I buy mine at Whole Foods and I've seen it at other larger chains.  If you can't find it locally it's in my Shop.  If you purchase it there, thank you for the tiny tip Amazon gives me.  Right now it's listed for $2.33 a bag for a pack of 8.  Yes, you'll want 8 of these but if you're not sure grab a group of your favorite gluten free friends and split it. 

So here are a few ways I've been using this mix. 

Chebe Mix IdeasHeart shaped rolls for Valentine's Day.
Bunnies are coming for Easter.

Hamburger Buns



Bread Sticks

Jamaican Beef Patties


Pigs in a blanket

Pot Pies

Follow the directions on the package for the mix.  When making rolls or buns roll the dough out so it's about the thickness of your finger.  Use a biscuit or cookie cutter to shape them.  They will only take a little longer to bake.

For the calzones get creative with the filling.  Sautéed vegetables, a little protein and a little marinara and you are good to go.  I like to give both the rolls and calzones an egg wash and sprinkle with coarse salt.

Jamaican Beef Patties are basically a calzone with ground beef and Jerk seasoning.  Pizza you can top with what you enjoy and pot pies are whatever your favorite filling would be.  

I hope everyone knows what Pigs in a Blanket are but just in case they are hot dogs with dough wrapped around it like a snake or in a fancy triangle shape like those crescent rolls.  Bake them in the oven and the kids will squeal with delight.  Sorry, couldn't resist. 

I'm always looking for new ways to use this mix so if you have any please pass it along. 

Would You Like To See Yourself In Print?

The Gluten Free Diner CookbookI'm working hard on writing up my cookbook and would love to add some quotes and/or stories from those of you who have actually made some of my recipes.

I'm looking for feedback on recipes you've tried.  If you have a story, an experience or an opinion about a recipe found on my blog I want to hear from you.   Please email me, I would love to hear from you.  If it's OK with you for me to share what you share with me, please end your email with giving me your permission to use what you write in any of my materials.

Thank you.  I can't wait to hear your stories.