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5 Gifts From 5 Years of Gluten Free Blogging

Five years ago Friday, August 9th 2008, I posted for the very first time.  I laugh every time I see it and the other posts from that month.  I started writing to keep track of what I was learning so I wouldn’t forget.  For those who have experienced the Gluten Brain Fog you’ll know what […]

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Reset Your Health Starting January 11th

Reset. It means to set again.  So to reset your health means to set it again and for me that means in a healthier place than the state it is now.  That is what can happen when you participate in a cleanse. The holidays have come and gone.  If you’re like me they start off […]

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Happy New Year Gluten Free Friends

Happy New Year! I am really looking forward to 2013.  2012 was an amazing year for me.  Lots of change, a big move and an opportunity to learn so much.  I’m a lucky gal. I also am very lucky and thankful for all of you who read my blogposts, utilize the resources on this site, […]

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Gluten Free Holiday Survival

The holidays are a wonderful time of the year.  There are often many parties and family gatherings with lots of food.  Lots of extra cheer and stress.  More to do than any other time of the year.   People giving and sharing their food almost everywhere you go.  Way more treats to eat than is […]

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3 Holiday Tips for Eating Gluten Free at Restaurants

During the holiday season we often eat many more meals away from our home than is typical.  This can be more difficult if you don’t know how to get exactly what you want and what  you need. When you’re home, assuming your home is 100% gluten free, you are in your safe zone.  Nothing is […]

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Juice Detoxing From Chemicals

This article ran in my newsletter, The WHOLE-istic Life last month.  I don’t usually share the information given in my newsletters on my blog, I keep it exclusive.   But I felt this information was so important that I’ve decided to repost it here in order to help save you from my pain.  If you […]

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Diabesity – A Reversible Epidemic

I am excited to share with you a wonderful new book and a guest post that I know will help so many people, The Blood Sugar Solution written by Dr. Mark Hyman. There is so much wonderful information in this book including some great gluten-free recipes.  I really like how this book is broken down […]

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Single Best Exercise For You

Last April in the New York Times one of the most emailed articles was What’s The Single Best Exercise?   The people they asked all had their own idea of what was the best.  They gave their reasons and I think some were really totally convinced they were right. Is there a right answer to […]

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Do You Touch Your Food Or Just Fork It?

I want to wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day.  I think it’s probably the one day where more people will touch their food than just fork it.  On this day more people go to their kitchens and cook a meal for the one they love. They are either preparing a special meal for themselves […]

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