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Easy Gluten Free Avocado Toast

Easy Gluten Free Avocado Toast Recipe along with tips on how to pick a ripe avocado and keep a cut avocado ripe.

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Weekly Menu With Recipes – February 21, 2010

What would happen if you took 15 minutes and planned out your menu for the whole week?  Would it save you money? Yes Would it save you time? Yes Would it happen exactly as planned?  Sometimes Is it still worth it?  Yes. If you want you can just cheat and use my menu and that […]

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Gluten and Dairy Free Recipes for Menu Plan Monday- February 7, 2011

This week’s worth of gluten and dairy free menu ideas is brought to you by having too much food in my house!  So it’s my leftover week.  It starts with Super Bowl Sunday leftovers.  But first congratulations to the Green Bay Packers for winning the Super Bowl 31-25. Don’t let those Buffalo Chicken Wings go […]

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Gluten Free and Dairy Free Menu with Recipes- January 31, 2011

Snow, snow, snow.  I hope we are done with snow but I hear it’s coming back this week.  Last week’s storm hit right at rush hour which caused huge problems.  Many people were stuck in their cars on the roads for anywhere from 2 to 10 hours.  If you live somewhere that this may happen […]

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Menu Plan Monday- January 24, 2011

A week’s worth of gluten and dairy free menu ideas and recipes.  This week I’ve decided it’s time to start eating the leftovers from the freezer.  They are taking over and should be consumed.  So I made a list of all the ready to go meals and cooked meats.  I think I can make it […]

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Menu Plan Monday- January 17, 2011

For some of you this will be a short week having Monday off for Martin Luther King Day.  You may have off but you still have to eat.  Have you planned a menu for the week?  Just in case you have not I’ll share mine along with some recipes from other gluten free blogs. Thank […]

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Menu Plan Monday -January 10, 2011

A new year and a new menu with a new way of eating.  For the past week I’ve been doing a gentle detox that my body has fallen in love with.  It’s really gentle on the body compared to some things I’ve read.  I basiclly eat fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds.  No […]

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Monthly Menu Plan- December 2010

Well I missed the first of December with my monthly menu but I’m going to make up for it with sharing some different combinations that you may or may not have tried before.  I’m guessing things are probably busy around your house too so first thank you for taking time to stop by and see […]

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Menu Plan Monday – November 15, 2010

Those who know me and read this blog will know there is only one thing on my mind this week, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1.  I’ll be in line early on Thursday evening to watch the midnight showing.  Don’t worry I’ve had my tickets for weeks.  The London Premier happened last week […]

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Menu Plan Monday- November 8, 2010

Last week I shared my menu for the month of November and issued a challenge- share with me your monthly menu and  you could win prizes.  I offered 3 different prizes and a week to send me your menu.  Melissa sent me her menu in hopes she would win the $25 gift card.  Well congratulations Melissa, you […]

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