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5 Gifts From 5 Years of Gluten Free Blogging

Five years ago Friday, August 9th 2008, I posted for the very first time.  I laugh every time I see it and the other posts from that month.  I started writing to keep track of what I was learning so I wouldn’t forget.  For those who have experienced the Gluten Brain Fog you’ll know what […]

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3 Holiday Tips for Eating Gluten Free at Restaurants

During the holiday season we often eat many more meals away from our home than is typical.  This can be more difficult if you don’t know how to get exactly what you want and what  you need. When you’re home, assuming your home is 100% gluten free, you are in your safe zone.  Nothing is […]

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In My Gluten Free Kitchen, Not for Long

This post originally ran on a blog that is no longer live, Celiacs in the House.  I wanted to share my kitchen with you and some news.  I will always be gluten free but this won’t always be my kitchen.  Next month I’m moving to Santa Monica, California.  It’s been a dream for 40 years […]

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Planning Now For Spring Detox Next Week

Join me and plan now for a Spring detox starting March 19th. Are you ready to clear out the winter gunk? Have you fallen off the “I’m going to eat really great food for my body” resolution? Let’s work together and get back on track with Diane’s Detox.

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Diabesity – A Reversible Epidemic

I am excited to share with you a wonderful new book and a guest post that I know will help so many people, The Blood Sugar Solution written by Dr. Mark Hyman. There is so much wonderful information in this book including some great gluten-free recipes.  I really like how this book is broken down […]

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Single Best Exercise For You

Last April in the New York Times one of the most emailed articles was What’s The Single Best Exercise?   The people they asked all had their own idea of what was the best.  They gave their reasons and I think some were really totally convinced they were right. Is there a right answer to […]

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