30 Days to a Food Revolution

Welcome to the home page for 30 Days to a Food Revolution.  Inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution to make a difference I have asked 30 different bloggers to join me in sharing how to shift from processed foods or unhealthy foods to the foods our bodies need and love.

30 days, 30 different food blogs, 30 ways to eat real food!

April 26th – June 4th

Scroll down to see each blog, their recipe and tip, and which day they posted.  Click on the Day listed to see their post, click on the name of the blog to visit their blog.

Each food blogger will guest post on this site sharing their point of view and a recipe that is good for our bodies.  This recipe could be a remake of a popular processed food which was originally taken from a traditional meal cooked in someone’s kitchen.   So really they are taking the meal full circle.

The goal is to create a resource for people looking to make a difference after following Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  People looking for help on how to cook something they’ve always pulled from a box or maybe just reevaluating your diet.

9 Cookbooks to Win!  Entries are now Closed.  Winners announced soon!

Many of the guest bloggers have also written cookbooks or have services they are willing to share.   In order to be entered to win one of those, here’s what you need to do to gather entries into the drawing.  The more you do, the more chances you have to win!

  1. Leave a comment on this blog on as many of the 30 guest food bloggers as you like.  Each comment is an entry.
  2. Sign up for The W.H.O.L.E. Gang newsletter.
  3. Visit that guest blogger’s site and leave a comment there too.
  4. Tweet about this project using both of these in your tweet so I’ll find you  #30days2 #foodrevolution

When the initial 30 days of guest posts are over on June 4th, we’ll pick the winners.

Here are the prizes:

Carrie (Ginger Lemon Girl) will donate a free 30 minute gluten free baking question/answer coaching session and a fresh loaf of gluten free bread (mailed 2 day priority).

Books such as:

Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef: A Love Story with 100 Tempting Recipes by Shauna  James Ahern and Daniel Ahern (gluten free girl and the chef) NOTE: this book will be released in September and can be pre-ordered now on Amazon.  Link can be found in my Shop.

The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook by Ali Segersten (The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen)

Make it Fast, Cook it Slow by Stephanie O’Dea (A Year of Slowcooking)

The Spunky Coconut by Kelly Brozyna (The Spunky Coconut)

Go Dairy Free by Alisa Flemming (Go Dairy FreeOne Frugal Foodie,Dairy-Free Fitness)

Marrakesh Express by Nisrine Merzouki (dinners and dreams)

Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook by Elana Amsterdam (Elana’s Pantry)

The Gluten-Free Diner by Diane Eblin (The W.H.O.L.E. Gang)

Jamie’s Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver

You will also be introduced to many new blogs where you will find tons of resources so I encourage you to check them out.

Andrea’s RecipesDay 29

Andrea’s Recipe: French Green Beans with Prosciutto and Pine Nuts

Andrea’s Tip: Grow Your Own

Celiac FamilyDay 28

Heather’s Recipe: Time-Saving Chicken Kabobs

Heather’s Tip: Finding time for making a healthy meal.

Celiac TeenDay 12

Lauren’s Recipe: Pasta Bake

Lauren’s Tip: Healthy changes rather than quick fixes.

Cook 4 Seasons Day 20

Karen’s recipe-  Curried Cauliflower

Karen’s tip- How to bring more locally grown food into your lives

Delectably FreeDay 5

Beth’s Recipe: Mexican Red Lentil and Rice Soup

Beth’s Tip: Cook with Color

dinners & dreamsDay 8

Nisrine’s Recipe: Falafel

Nisrine’s Tip: Simplify. Diversify. Rejoice.

Food BloggaDay 18

Susan’s Recipe: Lemony Pasta with Fresh Peas, Ricotta, and Mint

Susan’s Tip: Make the Most Out of Your Next Farmers’ Market Trip

Ginger Lemon GirlDay 25

Carrie’s Recipe: Fresh Marinara Sauce with Meatballs

Carrie’s Tip: Eat foods that are fresh, natural, (and organic if possible), no matter what your dietary limitations are.

Gluten Free Doctor Recipes Day 24

Jean’s Recipe:  gluten free granola bars and homemade organic beef jerky

Jean’s Tip:  How to eat real food when you travel

gluten free easilyDay 1

Shirley’s recipe:  Garlic Lime Chicken

Shirley’s tip:  make your own instant food

Gluten Free FitnessDay 22

Erin’s Not Really A Recipe: Egg Bake Casserole

Erin’s Tip: Remember that Food is Your Fuel

Gluten Free For Good –  Day 13

Melissa’s Recipe: Leek and Potato (and maybe beet green) Soup

Melissa’s Tips: 8 steps to “revolutionary” transformation (and maybe enlightenment)

Gluten Free GidgetDay 21

Katrina’s Recipe: Spicy Kale Salad

Katrina’s Tip:  Eat in season no matter where you live

Gluten Free Vegan Family Day 14

Julie’s Recipe: Cranberry Goji Bar Cookies

Julie’s Tip: Get your kids into the kitchen!

I Am Gluten Free Day 3

Ellen’s recipe:  Buffalo Tofu with Dairy Free Ranch Dressing plus Roasted New Potatoes

Ellen’s tip:  always leave the house with a snack.

Jenn CuisineDay 6

Jenn’s Recipe: Mushroom & Goat Cheese Stuffed Burgers

Jenn’s Tip: Add fresh produce to spruce up classic meals

Lexie’s KitchenDay 17

Alexa’s Recipe: Chicken Long Rice

Alexa’s Tip: Set aside one hour for a Pantry Purge Event

London Foodie in NY & Sweet by Half–  Day 30

Anna’s Recipe: Crispy crunchy, full of nuts granola bars

Anna’s Tip: Cut back on sugar where you can

One Frugal FoodieDay 11

Alisa’s Recipes: Strawberry Mylk and Fruit ‘n Fiber Breakfast Shake

Alisa’s Tip: Enjoy the Seasons

Simply Gluten-FreeDay 16

Carol’s Recipe: Gluten-free Chicken Piccata

Carol’s Tip: Remove, Restore, Reinvent!

Simply Sugar and Gluten Free – Day 26

Amy’s Recipe:  Apple & Carrot Breakfast Cake

Amy’s Tip: Progress, Not Perfection

Straight Into Bed Cakefree and DriedDay 15

Sure Foods LivingDay 7

Alison’s Recipe: 3-Ingredient Salad Dressing

Alison’s Tip: Serve Veggies & Salad Dressing to Kids before Dinner

Tasty Eats at HomeDay 23

Alta’s Recipe: Quinoa Salad with Spinach, Raisins and Walnuts

Alta’s Tip: Get Creative!

The Daily DietribeDay 27

Iris’s Recipe: Tuna Burgers

Iris’s Tip: Double your recipes and freeze the leftovers

The Gluten Free Homemaker Day 4

Linda’s recipe:  Gluten-Free Foccacia Bread & Hamburger Buns

Linda’s tip:  Get organized and plan

The Messy Chef Day 10

Sara’s Recipe: Caesar Salad

Sara’s Tip: How to snack at work without touching the vending machines

The Spunky CoconutDay 2

Kelly’s recipe:  Coffee Cake

Kelly’s tip:  Cook your own dry beans

The Whole Life Nutrition KitchenDay 9

Alissa’s Recipe: Rice and Nut milk Hot Cereal

Alissa’s Tip:  Breakfast can be quick and nutritious

What’s Cooking BlogDay 19

Michelle’s Recipe: Smashed Tomato and Basil Bruschetta and Pear, Honey and Quark Bruschetta

Michelle’s Tip: Cooking with Kids, a Grassroots Strategy for a Food Revolution

If you are a food blogger and are interested in participating in the continuation of this event on Tuesdays, please e-mail me directly.

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