Reset Your Health Starting January 11th

Reset. It means to set again.  So to reset your health means to set it again and for me that means in a healthier place than the state it is now.  That is what can happen when you participate in a cleanse.

The holidays have come and gone.  If you’re like me they start off with just a bite here or there of what you typically don’t eat or more of what you do.  By the end of the holiday season those portions or the frequency in which you eat them has increased, almost without you even noticing.  Maybe what you are noticing is you just don’t feel as good as you did or would like to.

Maybe this didn’t happen to you this holiday season and if that’s true count yourself among the lucky ones.  No matter which path you took, participating in a cleanse will help reset your body.  I know this because this is what happens to everyone I talk to who has gone through a cleanse.

Here’s what happened to me.  If you would rather listen Click Here.

In conjunction with a Registered Dietitian  I’ve created and used the Next Level Cleanse myself.  I wouldn’t share something with you without trying it myself.  This 7 day whole foods whole you cleanse is really easy to follow and can be used even if it’s your first cleanse.  I’ve broken it into 3 levels.  This means you can start with level one if this is new or you can choose level 2 or 3.  But no matter you get the materials for all three cleanses when you enroll so you can use this over and over.  The materials are yours.


For me I was scared to try it but I’ve studied so much and knew it would be good for me.  I had no idea just how good, good was.

The results I received were with using the Next Level Cleanse on level 1, the beginning level.

I lost 8 pounds and kept it off.  My weight had been stuck so this kickstart was nice.

The bloating was gone and has not returned.  I used to get random bloating after a meal and could not figure out which ingredient was irritating my body.   My body was just irritated, now it’s not.

My skin changed.  It cleared and began to glow.  Many people commented on seeing this.

My energy level soared.  I felt younger.

Coping with stress became easier.

I’ve had a house full of sick people and was able to not catch their colds.

And here’s the one that really surprised me.  I can now eat dairy and rice.  I’ve not been able to tolerate those foods for 4 or 5 years.  Even a bite would have made me sick.  I’m not going to reincorporate either of those into Calendar Collage my diet on a regular basis as they both can cause inflammation, but on occasion or when I’m eating out and it’s the only safe gluten free option, now I have more possibilities for foods I can eat.  I of course had to make risotto just to test my system.  Both my mouth and body was very happy.

My body was able to detox and allow systems to start working again the way they are meant to work.  It was a reset.

Now I can’t promise 100% that this is going to happen to you, but I do know you will feel amazing.  The other results of kickstarting weight loss, losing the bloat, glowing skin, and feeling amazing will happen.  It’s happened for everyone else.

I would love for you to join me on the Next Level Cleanse.  It runs January 11-17.  It’s a guided cleanse which means I will be with you every step of the way.

But here’s the thing.  I really want to make this accessible to you so I’m offering a New Year Special of $100 off the price of the Next Level Cleanse but this ends on Monday January 7th.  Don’t miss out on this discount and please don’t miss out on this opportunity to reset your health.

Read more about everything that is included in the cleanse.  All of the materials I give you including the complete menu plan and recipes for every single meals.  All of the support you’ll receive.  Grab a friend and the two of you can start 2013 off healthier then you ever imagined.

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  1. alisamarie January 9, 2013 at 12:00 am #

    This sounds fantastic Diane, and so happy it really worked well for you! It's nice not to have so many restrictions. I'll definitely share the word about this cleanse!