Eat Like A Dinosaur Book Review

There is a new book on the scene that will have your kids eating their vegetables called Eat Like a Dinosaur: Recipe & Guidebook for Gluten-free Kids.  This wonderful resource for parents is packed with over 100 recipes, a whole section that is a guide for parents full of tips and trick on how to approach diet change with your kids, projects for the family and a section on packing lunches.  The kids will also enjoy the story book included which is how this book found it’s title, Eat Like A Dinosaur.  In fact the whole book is illustrated with full color, bright fun layout enticing kids to get involved.  Each recipe gives the instructions plus how kids can help.

This book was written by The Paleo Parents, Stacy and Matthew along with the help of their boys Cole, Finian and Wesley.  You’ll want to make sure you read the beginning of this book and their personal story.  This typical family changed the way they eat and moved to a Paleo diet.  This means they cut out all grains, legumes, dairy products and refined sugars.  There have been many books written on this topic if you care to learn more but from what I’ve read none are as easily described and presented nor are they created with a family and kids in mind.

Make sure you peek at their before and after photos of the family.  Collectively they lost 200 pounds in less than fifteen months as well as transformed the health of everyone in the family.  In my opinion that is all the proof you need.  If you feel healthy, have energy, clarity and you are not swelling then it’s right for you.

In the beginning of the book you will also find the forward written by Elana Amsterdam from Elana’s Pantry and author of 2 of my favorite cookbooks using almond flour.   There are others who have written about this book too:  Adventures of a Gluten-Free Mom, The Clothes Make The Girl, Eat the Cookie, Cave Girl Eats, and Gluten Free Goodness just to name a few.

Being this is a Paleo book you will not find any gluten or dairy which is perfect for me.  They also do not contain peanuts or soy.  Another bonus for our family.  But in addition to that there is an allergen guide in the back of the book that gives you information on which recipes either have or do not have fish, shellfish, tree nuts or eggs.  Of course if you don’t want to look up the chart in the back it’s noted on every recipe on the side bar with a creative picture representation that is super easy to glance at and know if that recipe has eggs, tree nuts, fish or shellfish.  Perfect for kids to see if that recipe is right for them too.

As for the recipes we’ve made a few and so far everything has been great.   We love full flavored foods in my house and these recipes are full of that. I think this recipe and guidebook is a great addition to your kitchen and I hope your book ends up looking like my copy, a little sticky, turned down corners, notes and a book used in the kitchen a lot!

If you really want to see what this book is like before you buy it then you much watch this video!

2 Responses to Eat Like A Dinosaur Book Review

  1. wendygk March 29, 2012 at 12:18 pm #

    Another great review. I love this book and their approach.

  2. Shirley@gfe March 30, 2012 at 9:28 am #

    Wonderful review, Diane! This is one of the best cookbooks/resource books to come out in a long time.