Single Best Exercise For You

Last April in the New York Times one of the most emailed articles was What’s The Single Best Exercise?   The people they asked all had their own idea of what was the best.  They gave their reasons and I think some were really totally convinced they were right.

Is there a right answer to this question?  What is your favorite exercise?  Do you like yoga or maybe a hula hoop?  That is up for debate amongst some of my peeps.  I’ve recently been having a ton of fun doing both Masala Bhangra that was created by Sarina Jain and the video game DDR2 – Dance Dance Revolution 2.  They are both fun moves to music and they both give you encouragement along the way.  Of course if you are a self competitive perfectionist like me you can spend an hour on DDR2 trying to get a better score or miss fewer beats and not even realize an hour has passed.

Then one of the wisest people I know shared her thoughts.   She’s not the first to say it but when I hear it from her it just makes so much sense.  Melissa from Gluten Free For Good says “the best exercise is the one you’ll actually do”.

What exercise are you doing?  How are you moving?  Activity is one of the key components in life.  What will you actually do?

Here is a video that shares Sarina Jain’s story and shows you what Masala Bhagra workout is like.  I use her DVD’s as there are no classes near me.  Click Here to see video if it does not show up below.

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One Response to Single Best Exercise For You

  1. Kim-Cook It AF April 21, 2011 at 11:30 am #

    As much as I love the hula hoop, I am still going with yoga. BUt I totally agree with Melissa, it doesn't matter what the "best" exercise is. If you don't do it, what good is it? Anything that gets you moving and having fun is a perfect form of exercise in my eyes. Sometimes, I even turn cleaning my house into exercise. I crank the music and squat and lunge all through the cleaning process! Now, if anyone actually watched me do this, they would probably die laughing….but that is another story. 😉