Happy New Year in September

Summer time has come and gone so fast.  It was so nice to take a break.  As you may have noticed I have not been posting on the blog as much while I was taking my summer break.  I missed sharing things here and chatting with many on Facebook and twitter.  But breaks are important and I hope you took one too and now you’re ready to get back to sharing.

What did you do on your summer break?  Was there one moment where you just took a deep breath and thought, wow I could do this every day the rest of my life?  Did you totally miss getting a break this summer?

Well school is back in session for a new year which means it’s a new year around my house.  It’s a feeling similar to New Year’s Day.  You know when we all make resolutions or restart things we had began in the previous year but let trail off for one reason or another.  It’s time to re-evaluate and think about what we want to be doing and what direction we want to be headed in.

What about you?  Do you look at this time of the year in the same way?  If not is it something that you already do on a regular basis throughout the year anyway? Or maybe it’s something that sounds good and you’ll give it a try.

So what areas do you review, re-evaluate and set goals around?  I think there are important areas in life that should be looked at.   Here are some of the guiding questions I ask.

How am I spending my time?

What am I doing to improve my health?

What am I doing for fun?

How am I nurturing my relationships?

What new things do I want to learn?

What am I doing with my spiritual life?

What advances do I want to make with my career path?

How can I improve my physical environment?

I then look at these questions through the lens with this main question:

“How am I when I’m at my best.”

When I answer those guiding questions with that lens, I come up with much different answers.  I try to stay away from answers around what I “SHOULD” do and that can be really hard to do.  I think we all have those  little voices in our heads trying to come up with all the right answers.

I’d love to hear from you.   What new resolutions, changes or goals have you set with this fall season?  Do you have the intention to do things a little differently?  Have you not thought about doing this until now but think you will give it a try?

Now with all of these questions I have one last one for you.  Where do you, that is taking care of you and doing things just for you, fall into your answers to those guiding questions.  Where do you fall into your goals, changes and resolutions?  Make sure “YOU” don’t get lost in the plan and the taking care of you is a real part of the plan.

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