Tropisueño Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Originally ran in October 2009 but I’ve been back since and let me tell you it’s just as amazing as ever.  I could live at this restaurant except I don’t live in California.

Tropisueño is a taqueria by day and a full service restaurant at night that serves traditional Mexican food.  My quest as always, to have a gluten free and dairy free meal that tastes good and causes me no problems. I love Mexican food, especially when it’s all prepared from scratch and they can tell you every ingredient and the process they used to make it.  With Tropisueño I hit the Jackpot!

Tropisueño Gluten Free Restaurant Review

While out touring the area around our hotel in San Francisco, Shirley Braden and I walked by here and stopped in to see what was on their lunch menu.  It was lunch and the taqueira was in full swing.  It looked good so we thought we would return for a meal.  As luck would have it three wonderful bloggers, Jaden Hair, Elise Bauer and Ree Drummond, were hosting a BlogHer Food Conference After Party there.  It was an amazing party.

Tropisueño did not stop the entire time we were there, with passing plates of mini portions of their food.  With every plate that came out we could ask our server if it contained gluten or dairy and if they didn’t know for sure, they went and immediately found out.  At one point they were serving chicken mole on flat bread.  The chicken mole would have been fine, but of course not the flat bread.  They went back into the kitchen and made a plate of chicken mole on tortilla chips just for us.

The service and the food during the party was so top notch Shirley Braden, Ali Segersten and I decided to go back for dinner our last night in San Francisco.  Our server Felica, really knew her menu and ingredients.  If she was unsure of anything she double checked with the kitchen.  You could tell she knew what gluten free really meant.  You can always tell by what a server says to you and the questions they ask.  When servers can talk the gluten free language, ask questions and talk with the kitchen, it makes me feel more comfortable eating at their restaurant.  This comes down to training.  Tropisueño obviously does a great job training their staff.

Tropisueño Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Ali Segersten, Shirley Braden, Diane Eblin at Tropisueño

This being our last night, I knew I couldn’t have lots of leftovers.  I was getting on a plane at noon and wouldn’t have much time to nibble.  I however was going to have a big problem.  Tropisueño has a great menu.  On one side were Mariscos- Seafood and Antojitos – Starters and the other Entradas-Entrees.  There wasn’t anything on there I couldn’t eat either as is or with a few modification and the cheese left out.  Decisions, decisions.  I ordered guacamole first to go along with the chips and salsa being served. *Always check that the chips are not fried in the same oil as flour tortillas. The guacamole was great but I already knew this since I had some at the party.

Tropisueño Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Scallops de Hacha a la Plancha at Tropisueño

I decided to order Scallops de Hacha a la Plancha.  Seared sea scallops on a plaintain-chorizo hash with an avocado-tomatillo salsa.  Melt in your mouth deliciousness.  The scallops were perfectly cooked and the hash was amazing.  You will find me making a version of this on The W.H.O.L.E. Gang soon.

Tropisueño Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Albondigas Guisadas at Tropisueño

For my main course I ordered Albondigas Guisadas.  This is a traditional stew with meatballs, potatoes and carrots.    This stew was amazing.  The meatballs were very tender and flavorful with sausage, rice, cilantro and maybe a little mint.  They swam in the most amazing broth that had a deep rich flavor.  There were layers and layers of flavor with ingredients that I was trying to pick out.  I think I figured out a few but I’m not sure.  I wish they would share this recipe with me.  I could live on this Albondigas Guisadas.

The only problem was I couldn’t finish it all.  I was getting full from all of the other delicious food I was eating. So they sent me home with the leftover soup but didn’t put too much of the broth so I could take it to the airport with me.  I hated to give up that broth but I did want to eat those leftovers.  Better than anything I would get anywhere in the airport.

Tropisueño Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Pollo Asada Tropisueño

Tropisueño Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Chicken with Mole Polbano, Platanos Fritos Tropisueño

Ali and Shirley ordered different dishes so we could taste a little more.  They ordered Empanadas de Hongos, Platanos Fritos, Chicken with Mole Poblano and Pollo Asado, chicken marinated with citrus and achiote and served with zucchini, mushrooms, yellow squash, peppers and onions.  I didn’t taste any of theirs but it looked really good and they gave it good reviews.

Tropisueño Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Beto and Noe at Tropisueño

Beto and Noe did a great job of making delicious food that was gluten free and dairy free for me.  Chef Antelmo Faria has put together a wonderful menu.  There is a lot of variety and the prices are right.  But most importantly, the execution of the food and service was top notch.  Now there were only two starters and one entree that were vegetarian, but they could adjust a few more of their menu items to accommodate.  If I lived in San Francisco, I would be a regular at this restaurant and if I travel back to the city, I will definitely Go Back!

If you eaten at this restaurant I would love to hear from you.

Disclaimer:  The reviews I post are my opinion and based on my experience. Just because I have a certain experience does not insure you will have the same experience. I cannot guarantee any meal anywhere, except in my own kitchen. Please eat out at your own risk.

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8 Responses to Tropisueño Gluten Free Restaurant Review

  1. Ali October 14, 2009 at 9:16 pm #

    Diane, you got some great photos here! That was a fun evening and the food was surely fantastic! I am glad you got a post up about it all!

    -Ali 🙂

  2. provirtual October 15, 2009 at 2:33 pm #

    Hi Diane – Wow – the food looks fantastic!! Will have to check this one out next time I'm in SFO. Your photos are beautiful, by the way!!

  3. Scott October 15, 2009 at 3:01 pm #

    I'm jealous. I want to eat there!

  4. Scott October 15, 2009 at 3:02 pm #

    Yes indeedy!

  5. glutenfreefoodcritic October 17, 2009 at 12:18 pm #

    I'd love to take you there. Road trip!

  6. glutenfreeeasily October 17, 2009 at 5:16 pm #

    That restaurant is really amazing for partying and eating and very reasonably priced for SF, too. I'm so glad we went back the next night. That staff there was one of the best I've seen. Shirley


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