Farallon Gluten Free Restaurant Review

This originally ran in October of 2009.  I have been back to this restaurant again on my trip to San Francisco last year and it was still just as wonderful.  My husband and I had an amazing dinner and I had a wonderful dessert that was not just sorbet.  Still a great place to eat.

Farallon restaurant in Union Square, San Francisco is a beautiful destination.  The question is, would I have a gluten free and dairy free meal that would leave me wanting more.  Well the answer is yes, I would definitely go back.  I actually enjoyed it so much, I purchased their cookbook.

Farallon Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Farallon taken by Shirley Braden

Farallon is designed to look like an underwater fantasy complete with jelly fish swimming from the ceiling.  It really is beautiful. The menu consists mostly of coastal cuisine, which I love, with two meat entrees.  If you are a vegetarian there were quite a few appetizers that would work and they are happy to make an entree for you.  According to their menu, Farallon supports organic farming, responsible animal husbandry and sustainable fishing practices.

This was my first night in San Francisco.  I traveled there for the BlogHer Food Conference with fellow blogger Shirley Braden.   She writes the Gluten Free Easily blog.  We had plans that evening to eat at The Cliff House but our hotel doorman suggested we would enjoy Farallon a great deal more on this foggy evening and it was very close to the hotel where we were staying.  He told us this as we were getting into the taxi. So we made a quick decision to take his advice and off we went.

As soon as I was in the car, I jumped on my iPhone to Open Table and canceled our reservation at The Cliff House and made one at Farallon.  We would arrive a little early, 40 minutes, but hopefully the reservation went through in the 5 minute taxi ride.  When we arrived I gave my name and said we were early but could they seat us and they were happy to.  I love technology.

Our meal started off with a tomato gazpacho as our amuse bouche.  It was served in a small demitasse cup and it was delicious.  I was so hungry I didn’t even stop to take a picture.

Farallon Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Dungeness Crab at Farallon

Evidently Shirley and I like a lot of the same things because we ordered the same meal.  We started with Half a Dungeness Crab.  It usually is served a dipping sauce that contained gluten so they made a special sauce just for us.  It was delicious. They served the crab on crushed ice with an aioli.  It was a great start to our meal.

Farallon Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Salmon, frisee, bacon with roasted tomatoes at Farallon

Our entree was a beautiful piece of wild salmon topped with bacon and frisee on top of green beans, and served with roasted heirloom tomatoes with garlic and a pesto sauce.  The salmon was cooked exactly the way I like and the tomatoes melted in your mouth.  Allen, our server, did a great job of suggesting wines to go with each course.  I considered my second glass of wine my dessert but Shirley held to one glass of wine and indulged on a sundae that looked great.  Sometimes I do miss dairy. So thanks to quick thinking on our doorman’s part and technology, we were able to dine at Farallon.  I am so glad we did and would definitely Go Back!

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2 Responses to Farallon Gluten Free Restaurant Review

  1. gfe--gluten free easily October 12, 2009 at 9:32 pm #

    Saw your tweet so had to come over! 🙂 Very accurate and well-done review, Diane. Farallon was very pricey, but I’d go back for a special meal for sure. Well, they make any meal special. Looking at your food photos makes me want to go back right now. Fabulous food in such an incredibly beautiful setting.


    P.S. We’ll have to do Cliff House next time we visit SF together, just to see the view if nothing else. 😉

  2. glutenfreeeasily October 17, 2009 at 5:21 pm #

    Farallon is one of the most beautiful restaurants I've ever been in–such unique and creative decor. That approach carries through to their dishes, too. I can still remember all the incredible flavors of the dishes. Plus, the service was impeccable. I wish we'd looked around some more, just to check out the various spaces in the restaurant. Last, your ability to snag a spot via Open Table and your iPhone was phenomenal–just loved it! Shirley