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Recipe for Gluten Free and Dairy Free Pumpkin Pudding

go ahead its gluten free Before I get started on the Pumpkin Pudding, I finally got it together and this recipe was submitted to Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten Free!  A fun blog carnival with a different theme and host each month.  This month Life, Gluten Free [1] is hosting and the theme is pumpkins!  You’ll also see it on Friday Foodie Fix with this week’s Secret Ingredient being pumpkin!

Today I wanted to revisit Pumpkin Pudding I made a few years ago from the Super Food book.  Now that I live dairy free too I wanted to find an alternative to evaporated milk.  There are a few ways you can make your own evaporated milk, after all it’s evaporated not magic.  If you take a thin milk like almond milk and put it in a sauce pan on medium heat, it will evaporate leaving a thicker milk.  You want half as much volume as you started with.

Well leaving something on the stove for awhile that needs a little attention, stirring so it doesn’t burn on the bottom, can lead to problems.  Someday I’ll work on that skill of not walking away and finding something else more interesting, totally forgetting something is cooking on the stove.  For now I decided to use coconut milk.  It’s already thick and I have lots of it on hand.

I have not found any of those wonderful sugar pie pumpkins at the store yet, but I haven’t been looking either.  They’ve been added to my grocery list.  So for today I used a can of organic pumpkin.  I had it on hand so I could make pumpkin any time of the year.

Pumpkin Pudding for Breakfast! The Pumpkin Pudding tastes great.  So great I ate it for breakfast and I plan on doing that often.  It took me 5 minutes top to put it together.  I would like to make this again with a fresh pumpkin I bake off myself so when I do I’ll add an update to this post.Something I would change from what I did.  We eat organic eggs, which tend to be smaller than non-organic eggs.  I used two of those eggs but I think I would add one more of those small organic eggs.  If you use regular eggs, 2 large eggs will work.  I also used the entire can of coconut milk with was a little much, but not really too much.  What was I going to do with an ounce of coconut milk leftover.  I don’t like to waste.

Here’s what really surprised me, it didn’t have a coconut taste at all.  I thought for sure there would be a little coconut.  It just tastes like a pumpkin pie minus the crust.

Now we are deciding what to serve with it.  I’m thinking quenelles (oval or egg shape) of chocolate gelato or sorbet and a pecan sorbet.  I haven’t made those yet but trying them out sure sounds fun to me.  I’m going to need a tasting party to keep up with all of this.  Any takers?

Gluten and Dairy Free Pumpkin Pudding


Recipe for Gluten Free and Dairy Free Pumpkin Pudding [2]

some of the ingredients

2 Large Eggs, 3 if they are the small organic ones

1/3 cup agave

1-2 tsp ground cinnamon

1/4 tsp ground cloves

1/4 tsp ground ginger

1 tsp ground nutmeg

1/2 tsp salt

1 15 ounce can of organic pumpkin

1 13 ounce can of organic coconut milk


In a bowl mix together your eggs, agave and spices with a whip.  Next incorporate your pumpkin.

Recipe for Gluten Free and Dairy Free Pumpkin Pudding [3]

pumpkin, egg, agave, seasonings

Now add in your coconut milk and mix.

Recipe for Gluten Free and Dairy Free Pumpkin Pudding [4]

Pumpkin pudding with coconut milk

Now it’s ready to be poured into your pie pan.

Recipe for Gluten Free and Dairy Free Pumpkin Pudding [5]

Pumpkin pudding whipped

Recipe for Gluten Free and Dairy Free Pumpkin Pudding [6]

Pumpkin pudding ready for the oven

Bake at 35o degrees for 50-60 minutes.  Start checking around 45 minutes to see if it’s done.  I put a knife in the middle to see if it came out clean. It never totally did but I think that’s because I needed more eggs like I mentioned before.  It was done and ready to come out of the oven.

Let it cool for 15-30 minutes.  Scoop it out and serve it however you like.


Now if you eat dairy and want to go the more traditional route, you can use that can of evaporated milk.

You can bake off a sugar pie pumpkin and use that for the pumpkin pudding.  One pumpkin usually yields around 2 cups of cooked pumpkin. A can of pumpkin is about 1 3/4 cup so using 2 cups of pumpkin should be fine.

If  you don’t have agave and use sugar, 1/2 cup should work.