Mon Ami Gabi Restaurant Review by the Gluten Free Food Critic

taken from their website

taken from their website

Last night Scott took me out to a new restaurant for us, Mon Ami Gabi.  My good friend Antoinette has mentioned it many times.  As the sign says, it’s a classic french bistro.  Could I get a gluten free and dairy free meal there?  How did it taste and what was the service like?

Well to read my review you’ll need to visit the Gluten Free Food Critic blog.  Mon Abi Gabi Restaurant – Gluten Free Review is there.  I’ll be posting my restaurant reviews on that site.  I have many to add from my trip to San Francisco from the BlogHer Food Conference.  I’ll be sharing all of the great people and places and what I learned.

I hope you will check out my review and add in your comments if you have had experience with this company.  Bon Appetit!

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