Weekend Kitchen Tip – Save Your Back

This is Labor Day weekend.  The time we reflect back to honor all those who work hard during the year.  Those who take care of things so they’re ready when you need them.  The people we count on day after day.   Sound familiar?  If you’re cooking for your family,  all of that was about you.  So take the time to thank people around you that are working but don’t forget to acknowledge the work you do.  If you’re not cooking, they’re not eating.

crocodile_red_gel_mats_banner Now if you want to treat your back and legs on this Labor Day, get yourself a Gel Pro Kitchen Mat.  I have two tan ones in my kitchen and I love them.  One in front of the cook top and the other at the sink.  They are cushioned and help relieve fatigue from standing on a hard floor.  I purchased mine at Bed Bath and Beyond with one of those great coupons they are always sending.  You can purchase them directly from Gel Pro too.  They have a lot more options.  They even have a red mat in their Crocodile pattern.

So no matter what your kitchen color or decorating interest, you can find a mat to fit.  I really do love mine.  If I’m standing somewhere else in the kitchen I will move the mat so I can stand on it.  It’s that great for my legs and back.

Happy Labor Day!  Take time to honor those who work, but if you’re going to be one and stand in the kitchen and cook, get a padded kitchen mat.

2 Responses to Weekend Kitchen Tip – Save Your Back

  1. Linda September 8, 2009 at 5:11 am #

    I would love to have two of these for my kitchen, but they are pricey. Maybe I'll put it on my Christmas list. It's nice to know they really do make a difference.

    • Diane September 8, 2009 at 5:34 am #

      Linda- They sell them at Bed Bath & Beyond but they don't have all of the color and texture choices but you do get a better price. I got the first one and after using it for a week went back and got the second one. I have the short ones since my kitchen's not very big. I hope you get them soon!