Menu Plan Monday – August 3

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

Easy week coming up for me when I get to eat out twice!  As you can see having a 20 year old has not stopped me from acting like a kid.  Can’t wait to go to the American Idol Concert.  Also, in an effort to keep the kitchen cool I’m either having a no cook meal or grill it outside as much as possible.

Is it hot where you live?  What are you doing to keep your kitchen cool?  Love to hear your tips.

Don’t forget that the Secret Ingredient for Friday Foodie Fix this week is the ever so versatile Onion!

Monday – Firefly Restaurant to celebrate Andy’s 20th Birthday

Tuesday- Jaleo DC right before the American Idol Concert!

Wednesday – Tuna and Chickpea Salad

Thursday – Enchiladas

Friday – London Broil

Saturday- Swordfish

Sunday – Pork Roast

Check out The Happy Housewife for more menu ideas.

2 Responses to Menu Plan Monday – August 3

  1. Michele August 4, 2009 at 3:54 am #

    Thank you for the farmers market finder on the right side of your page! It's very helpful. Too bad I work 6 days a week and there aren't any on Tuesdays, my only day off.

    • Diane August 7, 2009 at 6:15 am #

      Michele- Sounds like you need a shopping partner. Are there any markets near where you work? Maybe an early lunch break would work. You must get to work early. Our markets open at 8am. Wish I could say I was in bed then but I'm up working at that time too. Hope you find a market that will work with your schedule!