American Idol Show and Dinner at Jaleo

Last night we had a great dinner and show.  The dinner was at Jaleo in DC.  It’s a Spanish Tapas restaurant created by Jose Andres.  I’ll tell you more about the meal and restaurant later today over at Gluten Free Food Critic.  I have a lot of great restaurant meals to share with you and I’ll finally get it going on that blog.

Now about the concert.  It was much better than I expected.  I was really only going to see Adam Lambert.  I think he is extremly talented and polished.  He has an amazing voice and can really perform.  He did not dissapoint.  I did feel like everything leading up to him (finalists 10-3) was just a warm up act.  I think a lot of the audience agreed.  Once they knew it was his turn everyone was on their feet and did not sit down until Kris Allen (the winner) started his second song. Every time Adam’s face came across the screen the audience would scream.  His set rocked and I can’t wait until he’s on his solo tour.

I tried to take a couple of photos but they didn’t really turn out.  You can kind of tell it’s him but I would have needed my “real” camera for that.   If you get an opportunity to see this show I would go.  Even my husband, who was just going as my date, enjoyed the show.  If you went to the show or this season’s show anywhere else I’d love to hear your take on it.

Adam L Adam Lamb Adam Lambert

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