Polenta Fries

Polenta Fries  ©Diane Eblin

Polenta Fries ©Diane Eblin

These are a great treat especially when you are tired of potatoes or maybe you’re trying to avoid nightshade foods.  I like to make these when I have leftover polenta pieces but you can start from mixing the polenta from scratch and then cutting up the set polenta into your favorite fry shape.  I like De la Estancia Organic Polenta.

The other night when I made lemon scallops with polenta, I also pan fried some Dover Sole for my 9th grader who is not ready to try scallops.  I cut up the polenta in a French fried potato shape and cooked them in hot oil.  When you pull them out of the oil, salt them immediately.  That’s it.  They are crispy and salty.  What could be better with fried fish?

Brad eating fish & polenta fries ©Diane Eblin

Brad eating fish & polenta fries ©Diane Eblin