California Cobb Salad

California Cobb has long been one of my favorite salads.  It was the first salad I put on the menu at Mycroft’s restaurant in Huntington, WV.  Sadly, that establishment is no longer there because the past owner, Ty Neal, has an amazing restaurant in DC called Matchbox.  They have two locations and I highly recommend them.  They will cook you up a delicious gluten free meal, just ask.

But I digress.  My cobb salad is a little different than tradition because I don’t use cheese or have any type of cheese dressing (gluten free and dairy free).  In case you are interested in the history of how Robert Cobb, the owner of the Brown Derby restaurant, started this salad read about it here.

CA Cobb Salad

CA Cobb Salad

I topped my salad off with a tomatillo dressing, and salt and pepper.  It would be just as wonderful with olive oil and a slice of lemon.  Now as you look over the list of ingredients you will notice there is a lot of prep work.  I tend to space it out during the week and make extra of the ingredients to save for the salad.  If you do this, the salad can come together rather quickly.  Enjoy!


hard boiled organic egg diced
cooked bacon chopped (organic uncured)
cooked chicken chopped
tomato chopped
red onion diced
avocado chopped
Lettuce- I used romaine, arugula, spinach and frisee

How much of each ingredient you add is up to you.  I like to place my items on the lettuce in rows, displaying each item.  You arrange the salad to your liking.

The dressing was about a cup of the tomatillo salsa, 1 TB mayonnaise, 2 tsp almond milk whisked together.  You could also use the creamy tomatillo salsa just on its own for the dressing.  Traditionally roquefort dressing was used but this doesn’t fit my needs for dairy free and frankly I never liked it but in your kitchen it’s your rules.  Have fun!

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