Stainless-steel Food Containers

I found a photo of an avocado in an oval stainless-steel container in The Washington Post food section today.  My first thought was that’s cute.  Then I realized it was not plastic and squealed cool.  Good thing I was alone eating lunch.

This container is compact and great to carry your lunch.  I want to try it out for leftovers too.  New Wave Enviro is the company that makes these stainless-steel-food-container little gems.  They should be available at Whole Foods soon.  You can search on the website by zip code to find a store near to purchase your very own.  This company also makes stainless-steel water bottles, water filtration systems, resin individual water bottles in addition to 1 and 2 gallon containers.

This is going on my grocery list for my next trip to Whole Foods.

One Response to Stainless-steel Food Containers

  1. Kim February 18, 2009 at 12:02 pm #

    Very cool!! 🙂