Mom’s Chili Recipe

My mom is a great cook. I learned so much from her. She can open a refrigerator and where most people would see a bunch of different food items she sees meals. This is a gift I am happy to say she passed along to me. I just can’t understand when my family opens the full refrigerator, freezer or pantry and says “there’s nothing to eat”. Mom taught me to see possibilities. She also taught me how to cook with my eyes, my taste buds and instinct (this comes from experience). This means most of our recipes don’t contain measurements and it’s something I’ve had to remember to keep track of as I’m cooking in order to share my recipes with others.
But this is her recipe for Chili and I know it’s good.

Good luck with it as I know it will taste great as long as you cook with your eyes, instinct and taste it as you cook (don’t eat raw meat).


Small amount of hamburger

½ link of sausage

Mashed beans

Minced mushrooms

Chili powder

Pinch of cocoa powder


Tomatoes (your choice)

1/3 can of beer (the rest goes to the cook)
If you are cooking gluten free try Redbridge Gluten Free Beer
Salt & pepper to taste

Top with dollop of sour cream


Sauté the onions and mushrooms, add in the meats and cook. Add in the remaining ingredients and let cook on low until you’re ready to eat.

Thanks Mom!

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