MOM’S Gets Trashy


MOM’S – My Organic Market, has released its recycling numbers for 2008.  According to their numbers they diverted over 1,721,459 pounds, or 860 tons from the landfill last year. Some results include 875 gallons of batteries, 150,000 pounds of produce trimmings, 29,000 pounds of commingled items, and 1,497,600 pounds of cardboard.  That’s just a partial listing.  To see the full list of what they recycled, visit their website.
MOM’s is completely dedicated to the health of our bodies and our planet.  Their produce department is 100% exclusively organic with a large selection and variety.  They do not even offer plastic bags in the store.  They really practice their beliefs that if you take small steps you can make a big impact.

I suggest you visit their stores and their website and read up on who they are and what they do.  I love stories where a 22 year old kid takes $100 in 1987 and now has 5 stores in the Washington metro area including: Rockville, MD, College Park, MD, Alexandria, VA, Columbia East, MD, and Frederick, MD.  How cool is that! Follow your passion and you can change the way people live.

I think it’s time for another field trip!  Do you live close to one of these stores and shop there often?  Please let us know your impressions of MOM’s.

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