March Menu Plan

Frozen Tulips   ©Diane Eblin

Frozen Tulips ©Diane Eblin

The struggle between winter and spring.  I hope spring wins out very soon and the warmth and daffodils start to appear.

This month’s menu was created mostly from what I already have on hand.  After inventorying my freezer, refrigerator and pantry I had a list of cooked and uncooked ingredients in which to start my menu.  This will save me a lot of time and money this month.  I will only have to shop for the fresh ingredients needed for the meals and anything that might be on sale.  I love a bargain.

1 –Sunny Paris chicken breasts with string beans
2 –Mexican turkey tostados with homemade tortillas
3 –Pork BBQ with coleslaw
4 –Crab cakes and Old Bay potato wedges
5 –Lavender chicken breasts, quinoa with onion, peppers and pineapple
6 –Out for a school fundraiser
7 – Trying out a top 100 restaurant in DC
8 –Pizza Soup with break sticks
9 –Scallops with black beans and polenta
10 –Beef and noodles with mushroom gravy
11 –Kielbasa hash
12 –Roasted Vegetables with Tuna
13 –Jerk chicken breasts, red beans and rice
14 –clear out the refrigerator leftovers
15-Mediterranean Tuna Pasta
16- Better Than I Thought
17- Frito Chicken Nuggets
18- Extremely Easy Turkey Breast
19- Gluten Free Onion Rings and Fried Oysters
20- Sesame Crusted Tuna
21 –Meatloaf with mashed potatoes
22 –Chicken in a pot
23 –Shrimp surprise
24 –Pork enchiladas
25 –Cobb Salad – bacon, chicken, avocado, egg, red onion
26 –Mahi Mahi
27 –B&B Chili with buffalo and beef
28 –Potluck dinner at friends
29 –Tilapia
30 –Cornish Game Hens
31 –Flat Iron Steaks

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