February Menu Plan


Already!  What happened to January?  I have a feeling this year will go as fast as last year.  Last year I watched the Super Bowl in Maui and attended the Pro Bowl.  Ahhhhhh…………

1- Super Bowl snacks to go
3-Pork Mexican Casserole
4-Ostrich burgers and fries
5- Tuna with stir fry
6- Lavender Chicken and polenta
7- Beef Brisket
8- Kalua Pork and pineapple to celebrate the Pro Bowl in Hawaii

9-Pinenut crusted Haddock with quinoa
10- Pasta and vegetables
11-Shrimp with corn and mango lavender salsa
12- Chorizo Quiche
13- Mahi Mahi and pineapple
14- Celebrating Valentine’s Day out
15- Turkey and potato hash

16- Jerk Chicken with red beans and rice
17- Shrimp, sea scallops and lobster with Asian vegetable sauté
18- Pasta with pork and tomato sauce
19- NY Strip Steaks with potato wedges and broccoli
20- Cornish hens with quinoa and pine nut stuffing
21- Tilapia and polenta
22- Pork BBQ with beans

23- Flat Iron steak and sweet potato fritters
24- Baked bay scallops
25- Ostrich steak and fries
26- Vegetable quiche
27- Meatloaf and vegetables
28- Whole fish

2 Responses to February Menu Plan

  1. Alisa (Go Dairy Free February 1, 2009 at 6:18 pm #

    That all sounds really good, I am so hungry! I hope you will be posting the Kalua pork recipe!

  2. Diane Eblin February 2, 2009 at 12:40 pm #

    Alisa- I'll be making my Kalua pork in the crockpot this year instead of a wonderful pit but I hope it tastes almost as good. I have already purchased my frozen banana leaves from the international market and have tried them out on the fish. Grab yours and the pork butt and we'll cook together! -Diane