The Ins and Outs in Your Pantry and Refrigerator

When was the last time you cleared out your pantry and refrigerator?  Who knows what you’ll find.  Probably 10 cans of something you always think you are out of and something that looks a little like that great meal you cooked for Christmas. My first clean out was in September.  Time for another.

According to Mark Bittman’s article Fresh Start for a New Year? Let’s Begin in the Kitchen in the New York Times, it’s time to clear out those pantries and refrigerators.  What a great idea!  He gives a great list of what should be taken out and what to put in.

His out list includes packaged bread crumbs.  Well if you are living gluten free and you purchased special gluten free bread crumbs and they my-pantry have not been around for years, keep them.  But if you’re hanging on to these crumbs and they now resemble a brick, get rid of them!  His main idea is you should make your own bread crumbs from fresh bread.  Sometimes this is easier said than done with gluten free bread but fresh and made yourself is always your best bet.  Also out, spray oil.  I definitely agree especially since most of them contain soy.

In would be fresh spices, lemons and good oil. He has many other great ideas so check out the whole article.  The most important ideas is to get in there and clear these areas out.

Let me know what treasures you find.

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