The Art of Extreme Self Care Meetup

The Art of Extreme Self Care is a wonderful book by Cheryl Richardson.  I purchased this book upon its release and started reading it right away.   It’s recommended that you read the entire book and then go back and read one chapter a month and work on the challenge for the month.

Using the book as a guide, and Internet radio technology, Cheryl is connecting with people from around the world leading a live monthly Web class based on each chapter of the book.  This will take place around the first Thursday each month with the next falling on February 5th, however last night was the first in the series.  I was in the class last night with 600 other people.  It was wonderful.  Cheryl has an amazing gift that she shares with us and teach us.  We could all learn so much.  I will share my notes at our Meetup this Saturday.  If you are interested in joining our Meetup you must register.  There are limited spaces. 

If you’re wondering who should read this book or join her online web class here is a list of questions she suggests you ask yourself (from the back cover of the book).

Are you ready to join renowned life coach and best-selling author Cheryl Richardson for a year of Extreme Self-Care? To find out, notice how many “yes” answers you have to the following statements:

__ I carry a lot of resentment, feeling angry with others who don’t meet my needs.
__ I expect people to read my mind and know what I need or want.
__ I often feel like a martyr who lives my life for everyone else.
__ I have many one-sided relationships where people take more than they give.
__ Sex feels like one more task on an already long “to-do” list.
__ I break too many promises to myself.
__ I have trouble getting others to share in the work load at home.
__I give to others in an effort to feel needed, important, or worthy.
__It’s rare for me to relax or to enjoy things that are fun.
__ I tend to settle for crumbs, yet I’m desperate for a whole meal.
__When I’m overwhelmed, tired, or stressed, I rarely think to ask for help.
__I secretly long to be acknowledged for all the helpful things I do.
__People who act “entitled” make me cringe; I’m never like that.
__ I sometimes feel foolish about the ways in which I’ve put the needs of others before my own.
__Because it’s not worth the hassle, I don’t bother to ask for help.
__I hate disappointing people.

If you feel uncomfortable or find yourself smiling at the number of “yes” answers, it might be time to create a radical shift in how you care for yourself this year. It’s time to practice Extreme Self-Care with Cheryl.

So how many “yes” answers did you have?  I had 10.  So I’m very excited to be reading this book and embarking on this journey with Cheryl and with my Meetup group.

If you have any questions about the meetup group feel free to email me.  Email link is on the right.  If you want, leave a comment with the number of “yes” answers you had.  We'll start a tally. By the end of the year I hope we both have 0!

2 Responses to The Art of Extreme Self Care Meetup

  1. Kirsten Santucci January 8, 2009 at 6:16 am #

    I had 12! Eeekkk!!! I'm ready for this journey.

  2. Diane Eblin January 13, 2009 at 5:00 pm #

    Kirsten-How are you liking this book? I love it. Hopefully when we're done our scores will be lower or even better a 0. -Diane