Menu Plan Monday

New for 2009 I will be posting my monthly menu and my menu for the week.  I’ve started planning a month’s worth of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  For now I’ll just be sharing the dinners.  If there are requests for the rest I am happy to share.  This is something many bloggers do.  For more weekly ideas head on over to Orgjunkie for over 300 more menus but keep in mind they are not all allergy free.  For the budget conscious don’t forget $5 Dinners weekly plan.

Each day I have a new recipe I’ll share that with you and then it will be posted under What I’m Cooking Now on the right.  When my recipes call menu-plan-on-frig for meats, poultry of fish they are organic or wild caught.  Also anytime I can use organic products I do.  Who needs all of those extra chemicals and fillers anyway.

Well here we go!

Monday- Shrimp and chorizo with peas and onions, rice or quinoa
Tuesday- Meatloaf, mushrooms and salad
Wednesday- Roasted turkey breast, potatoes, green beans
Thursday- grilled tuna, bok choy, sweet onions, rice/quinoa
Friday- Pork Tamale casserole, quacamole, beans
Saturday- Going out to eat with my best man
Sunday- Indian Turkey Legs, cauliflower and potatoes

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