Indian Spiced Turkey Legs with Lentils

I can thank my oldest son Andy for introducing me to Indian food.  He’s a vegetarian and has found the greatest number of vegetarian dishes he enjoys are Indian and he asked me to cook them for him.  He’s off at college now but I’m continuing on in learning to use different blends of spices and ingredients.

Tonight I went back to one of the first dishes I made, Indian Spiced Turkey Legs.  They tasted really great so I thought I would make it again.  The only problem is I tend to not measure when I cook which I didn’t then and I didn’t today either.  I use my hand as a gage and used approximately a teaspoon of each with just a little more turmeric.  The turkey legs are great.

For the lentils I also got creative.  I do not have many of the ingredients that are called for in the recipes in the Complete Book of Indian Cooking by Suneeta Vaswani.  So I’m taking liberties with ingredients and some pre-mixed spice packets.  There is a recipe for Three Bean Medley that has lentils, kidney beans and blackeyed peas.  I have lentils and red beans so I’m going to use those and the packet of Sukki’s mix meant for Gobi Aloo (cauliflower and potatoes). I was supposed to have the Gobi Aloo but I forgot to buy cauliflower.  I really like that dish.  There was not enough spices for the dish I was making so I had to add more from my supply.  The verdict is not too bad but not great either.

So I need to work on my Indian cooking by sticking to recipes and buying the right ingredients.  Please share your favorite Indian recipes that I should try.


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