Gluten Free Frito Chicken Nuggets Reheat Treat

©Diane Eblin

©Diane Eblin

So I was foiled in my plot to eat out and not cook.  But thankfully I had made a triple batch of Gluten Free Frito Chicken Nuggets as that was the dinner request.  When I made extra I placed them on a cookie sheet and froze them.  Once they were frozen I placed them all in a container.  This way they were not stuck together.

I thought I would reheat them in the oven on 375 degrees for 10-15 minutes.  That worked great.  Of course I was hungry and couldn’t wait so I micro waved a couple for 30 seconds to 1 minute.  They were great too.  Both were crunchy and moist.  Often with Gluten Free fried foods the reheat is nowhere near as good as the original.

After eating these tonight the thought was we could make them and sell them frozen.  No chance of that but I’m very excited just the same.  Now I can make more extra batches to freeze to use for the dinners when my 15 year old looks at the menu and says, “I’m do not want to eat that”.

It sure beats getting chicken nuggets from a box!

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