Mexican Soup


1 large diced onion
½ red pepper diced
1 pablano pepper diced
½-1 cup corn
1 can organic pinto beans
1 7oz can fire roasted diced tomatoes
1 TB Cumin
1 tsp Expote
1 TB Cilantro
1 tsp Aleppo chili powder
2 TB Ancho chili powder
1-2 whole casabella peppers Penzey’s
1 clove Garlic or ½ tsp minced Penzey’s
1-2 bay leaves
4-6 cups organic stock (chicken, turkey, whatever meat you use or vegetable- I even use a combo)
1 pound organic ground turkey (omit to make vegetarian/vegan or use whatever ground meat you want)

1 TB agave

Salt & Pepper to taste
Avocados diced
Tortillas or Fritos!
1 TB Coconut Oil
1 TB Olive Oil


Sauté onions in the combo oils until translucent

Add in diced red and pablano peppers

Salt & Pepper

Add in ground meat and brown up

Remaining seasonings

Bring to a boil and then let simmer for at least 30 min or as long as you need.

Make sure you take out the whole pepper and bay leaves before serving.

When serving add diced avocados and squeeze ¼ of a lime per bowl.

I like to also top my soup with Fritos.

If you have fresh cilantro sprinkle a little chopped on top.  You can also top soup with a little cheese if you eat dairy.

For a deeper flavor you can roast your peppers, peel and then dice and add to soup.

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