Chili-The Easy Way


2 pounds Ground beef or a chuck roast (put meat in first for roast) Can always use ground turkey, ostrich or buffalo.
1 large Onion diced
15 oz can Diced fire roasted tomatoes (I like Muir Glen)
15 oz can crushed tomatoes
4 TB Cumin
4 TB Chili powder (can use pre-mixed, ancho, Aleppo, Casabela or any combination to add depth)
1-2 tsp Cayenne (gage how spicy you want it at end)
2 tsp Expote
3 TB Cilantro
1 can organic small Red beans rinsed (can use kidney)
1 can organic Black beans rinsed
2 TB Dark Agave
1-4 cups Chicken stock (want to have all meat covered)
Bay leaf
Salt & pepper

1 white onion diced to top chili when serving


Put all ingredients into crock pot on low for 10-12 hours.  Periodically stir if using ground meat. If using whole chuck roast you will need to pull meat apart with two forks.  It will fall apart easily.  Let cook another hour.

You can brown the ground meat before putting into crockpot but it’s not necessary.

Always taste before serving and adjust seasonings to your tastes.

If your chili is too thin you can add tomato paste.

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