Beef and Cabbage – Better Than I Thought

Chuck shoulder roast 2-3 pounds   (if you want the meat to fall apart in strings use Chuck blade and don’t cube it )
Large can of fire roasted diced tomatoes (I like Muir Glen)
1 small head of cabbage sliced
1 onion sliced
1-2 cup Vegetable stock
2  Bay leaf
Celtic Sea Salt to taste
Black & White Peppercorns to taste

Cube and brown meat
Mix in rest of ingredients into the Crockpot.
Cook Low 8-10 hours, High 6-8

Serve in bowl with a side of your favorite gluten free bread!

Very moist and tender cubes of meat fall apart as you eat this.  I thought the aroma was wonderful.  My husband asked “What is that horrible smell”.  The look on his face when I said it was his dinner was priceless.  He reluctantly tried a little and said, “This is better than I thought”.  So that’s what I call it.  I however like the smell of cabbage cooking with beef and tomatoes.

10 Servings

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