Sharing Karina’s Family Table Tastebook


I’m going to brag on a fellow blogger’s new cookbook.  Karina’s Family Table Tastebook by Karina Allrich.  This book is beautiful and full of great looking food.  I can’t wait to start cooking!

I first found Karina on the internet as the Gluten Free Goddess.  I had just been told I could not eat gluten and had no idea what to look for when cooking.  I was very nervous and scared about the prospect of having to change my entire diet but learned within an hour of finding out just why it needed to be done.  I had taken a vitamin that contained gluten and had that same terrible reaction that often occurred: the swelling of my abdomen, the immediate draining of all energy, the aches and pains and the headaches.  Now at least I knew the source of these problems.  I had to change my diet immediately and I was lucky enough to find a great resource to help me.

I read Karina’s blog often in the beginning.  Not knowing what a blog really was or how it worked I did not sign up to receive emails when she posted new things.  Learn from my mistake.  If you find a blog you like sign up so you don’t miss a thing!  After finding out there were so many more food items that irritated my system I again went back to the now Karina’s Kitchen blog.  What great information, food advice and recipes.

Karina recently posted something new on a Tastebook.  That sounded interesting but I had no idea how cool this was.  I followed the link on her inside-view-of-tastebook blog and ordered this wonderful cookbook.  I was able to choose the cover I liked from an assortment.  I could even dedicate it to someone if it was a gift.  Well this gift was for me.  When the book arrived it was all wrapped up in this beautiful green paper with my name on it.  It was like opening a special treasure just for me.  Every recipe she created has a photo that she took.  Love that!  Here is the cool thing, the book is spiral bound so it can be opened and I can add more recipes as they become available.  How cool is that.  It’s a living cookbook.

Thank you Karina for creating a wonderful cookbook, finding such a cool company as Tastebook and for sharing it all with us.

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  1. Karina's Kitche November 19, 2008 at 11:18 am #

    Oh my goodness! Wonderful. Thank you for the mention. I've just added more recipes to choose from, and am about to order one for myself. Can't wait to see one in person. The pic is lovely! xox
    You're welcome! I'm loving the recipes and can't wait to try the vegan mac and cheese this week.