Sugar Free Ketchup On My Ostrich

I just made sugar free ketchup. I never thought I would ever make ketchup. This is something you buy at a grocery store. Well just try to find sugar free ketchup that doesn’t have some chemical sugar substitute or preservatives. What is wrong with these companies? Can’t they make foods that are good for our bodies?


So I searched on the Internet and found RecipeZaar #90673. The recipe was fast and easy. It called for a blender and tomato paste. You put everything in the blender and let her rip until you can’t see the onions. Very easy and took me 5 minutes from gathering all the ingredients to tasting. The only thing I changed was instead of using that evil Splenda I used agave. I didn’t measure but it was 3 circles of the bottle. Remember to use organic ingredients if you can.

So tonight I had an ostrich burger and French fries with my homemade sugar free ketchup. Oh happy day!

How this all started….

After receiving my ALCAT results in May I could no longer eat many foods. One of these was sugar because of yeast over growth or Candida. I also couldn’t eat tomatoes. This was something my body couldn’t tolerate. I know it sounds strange that “healthy” foods could be off limits like tomatoes, spinach and green beans but they would aggravate my body causing swelling and many other problems. After not eating my list of severe and moderately intolerant foods for 6 months I had another ALCAT to see if anything had changed.

What I learned was the Candida was gone and some foods had moved from sever or moderately intolerant to mild or no reaction at all. I was very happy tomatoes were now allowed on a 4 day rotation. I can now have salsa and tomato pasta sauce and yes, ketchup. So I began my search for sugar free ketchup only to learn it’s almost impossible to find with no junk in it. So I had to make my own. Let me say it was totally worth it.