Do you still feel bad?

Are you thinking “I’m living gluten free so how come I don’t feel better?”  Maybe at first you felt a change for the better but somehow that’s gone and you feel like you’re slipping back into all of the same problems.  Aches and pains, foggy mind, bad memory, lethargy, constipation, diarrhea, gaining weight, swelling, and that long list you had previously.  Maybe you’re not even sure.

You shouldn’t settle for not feeling good.  Heck, you should want to feel great!

Well, there may be a number of reasons this could be happening.  Here is what I found out about me.  My body was fighting itself because in addition to the gluten there were lots of other things it couldn’t tolerate.  Also that fighting was continuing to keep my body from absorbing the nutrients I was giving it.

First:  I took a simple blood test, ALCAT.  It showed me in bright colors what foods I was severely, moderately and mildly intolerant to.  So I gave up both the severe and moderate and started a 4 day rotation of the mild items.

Second:  I took a Spectracell blood test that showed what my body was lacking in nutrients.  Dr. Hai Jin Kim then worked with the Village Green Apothecary so they could compound vitamins specific to my needs.  Let me just say WOW!  What a difference that has made.  I feel great.  So big I’ll say it again, WOW!

Don’t let yourself get stuck in the fog of trying to decide if you really feel bad or if it just a bad day.  Get yourself a small weekly planner.  Every day take good notes:

  • what you eat, every single thing that passes your lips
  • what time you got up
  • what time you went to bed
  • what activity you did
  • naps if you took them
  • vitamins and supplements you are taking
  • how do you feel and at what time of the day you feel it
  • If you had constipation or diarrhea

This way you won’t have to rely on your memory which could be altered by imbalance in your body.  This journal will show you in black and white what your life is like.  This is a very valuable tool for both you and your doctors.  If your doctor is not getting you any further along the path to good health, find another one.  Search for a Functional Medicine doctor.  Someone who looks for root causes to your problems and doesn’t just hand you a pill or tell you you’re just depressed.

Your good health is very important.  You are very important and you are worth it.  Don’t give up searching for good health.  Get that planner today!

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