BlogHerDC Conference was Wonderful!

On Columbus Day I spent the day exploring a whole new world of blogging. I met wonderful fellow bloggers who were there to learn and there to pass along their knowledge. I guess that’s what we do with blogs as a whole. I love sharing information I learn about living gluten free, allergy free, organic and more eco-friendly. I love to know what questions are on your mind and what you think about the information here.

I found out at BlogHerDC there are ways to let you know I’m on Twitter so look for that permanent link coming soon. There were also lots of cool technical things to learn but my favorite part was meeting other bloggers. I went to Andrea Meyer’s session which was fantastic. If you are interested in eating you need to check out her blog Andrea’s Recipes. I also learned a lot from Rachel Rappaport who blogs Coconut & lime. Great ideas just remember to make your conversions for any food intolerances or allergies you have. By now you’re good at that.

Don’t wait for the next Columbus Day to arrive to explore new worlds. Try new recipes, start recycling all of the boxes food comes in, and buy those organic apples instead. Every little step leads you on an amazing new discovery. So, what did you explore yesterday?

One Response to BlogHerDC Conference was Wonderful!

  1. Andrea October 16, 2008 at 11:26 am #

    Diane, I'm so glad the session was helpful. And thank you for mentioning my cooking blog. 🙂
    Just figure out how to thank people for leaving comments on TypePad. Good thing I'm better at cooking than this. Thanks again! –Diane