Saving Money While Eating Healthy

You may be thinking that in these economic hard times that you’ll cut out buying organic products, skip the healthy style of eating and resort to low cost, higher fat and lower quality food.  Don’t do it!  Your health is the most important asset you have.

Here are some ideas to help you stay on track and save money:

1.    Inventory your pantry, freezer and refrigerator.  Use these items to create meals with the addition of fresh fruits and vegetables.   There are many food websites where you can search on a combination of ingredients and recipes are presented.  Check out the ones I have listed under the allergy free section and add these,,,

2.   Buy local produce at the farmers markets.  They have organic products for a great price compared to supermarkets.  Most are open in the northeast through October.  Search for one near you

3.   Buy extra at the farmers markets and freeze your own fresh fruit and vegetables.  Learn the best way to freeze any food including eggs!

4.   You have been saying you should eat more vegetables.  Now is the time.  Pound for pound they are less expensive than meat, poultry and fish.

5.   Buy what is in season.  This is your best value.

6.   Check for specials on your protein source.  Ask is this discount due to how long it has been around or did the store get a good deal that it is passing along.  If it’s the first you better cook it now.  Don’t forget Beans, Beans, Beans!

7.   When buying meat go for less expensive cuts like brisket, blade, belly, and chicken legs. Use the cooking methods of braising, stewing, pot roasting and don’t forget that crockpot in the back of the cabinet.  You’ll also save money on your energy bill.  Print out these handy meat charts to help you understand where cuts of meat come from.

8.   Remember that gluten free single ingredient items are your best bet.

What money saving ideas do you have to eat healthy?  Please leave your comments so we can all benefit!

One Response to Saving Money While Eating Healthy

  1. money-saving-tips April 26, 2009 at 4:07 pm #

    I second the lower-cost cuts of meat. Chicken legs, browned in a fryer pan, and then into a crockpot with cheap barbeque sauce for a few hours. The meat falls off the bone, and it's awesome served over rice…