I Hate Junk Mail!

junk mail
 I just found two new really cool things.  The first is a magazine called Positively Green (more on that later). The second is an intriguing ad I found in its pages.  The ad said:  "Stop unwanted catalogs and all other types of junk mail!  Visit www.greendimes.com and sign up — We’ll pay you!  Join now and get $1 — no strings attached and results guaranteed!"

Well, that got my attention real quick.  I had been trying myself to get catalogs stopped; every week I sit
down and call a few but others keep showing up.  I feel like someone
sent out a junk mail party invitation to my house without my permission. But now someone was going to pay me to get rid of it all.  Oh happy day!  So I went to the website and sure enough they said they would give me the $1.  I could use it to have them plant a tree or get a complimentary issue of a new green magazine. Otherwise they would send me the money.

So I’m giving it a try.  I chose the premium service for the one-time fee of $20 and they, in turn, guarantee to get rid of junk mail.  Now I can go onto my dashboard on their website and record the catalogs I don’t want and the names of the people in my house who also don’t want junk mail.  Don’t tell Green Dimes but I would pay a lot more to get rid of junk mail.  Did I mention I hate junk mail?

Did you know that according to Green Dimes 100 million trees are cut down each year to create the approximately 4.5 million tons of junk mail in the United States?  Twenty-eight billion gallons of water go into the production of American junk mail every year.  Meanwhile, it is estimated that 444 percent of junk mail is never opened or read by the recipient.

This has gotten so out of control that I recently had to order TWO MORE recycling bins just for the junk mail.  This has got to stop.  They say it takes a few months to get purged from the system of junk mail.  So I’ll let you know how it works out.  If you give Green Dimes a try, too, let me know about your experience.  We must get rid of junk mail.

One Response to I Hate Junk Mail!

  1. Dan Estabrook September 11, 2008 at 10:11 am #

    Thanks for the shout out about GreenDimes – I write our blog (TONIC News – http://news.tonic.com/. I am thrilled you signed up for our service and let me know if you have any questions or issues with it.
    Cheers to a soon-to-be-empty mailbox!
    Thanks for your comment. Still waiting for that empty mailbox. Hope it comes soon. –Diane