Oh no, I need an ingredient-free birthday cake! – Part Two

Now Brad’s cake was a little different.  I got a mix from Pamela’s because he is the only family member who can eat sugar. Pamela’s makes great mixes.  I used an egg replacer (again something new) and water instead of milk (had no idea if that would work) and the cake came out good according to Brad.  Next to tackle was the frosting.  I couldn’t use butter or milk and with not liking to measure anything, well you know how this story is going to end.  So I threw some powdered sugar and solid organic vegetable shortening into a bowl with a little vanilla and water.  Beat it and gave him a taste. I can’t taste it because I can’t eat sugar.

He said it was OK (understatement).  brads-bad-birthday-cake

I again got impatient waiting for the cake to cool and put the frosting on a warm cake and added a few mini Reese’s cups.  Of course it started to slide off the cake.  Without measuring it was like shortening with a little sugar.  It actually looked gross! (See Brad’s expression in the picture to the right for proof!) Brad braved a slice but couldn’t finish.  I scrapped the frosting off and called it a day.  I guess I still owe him a cake.

Once school starts I’m going to begin learning how to bake cakes and cookies that we can eat — and that we actually would eat.  So if you have any great recipes that use agave and don’t have that long list of what we can’t eat send them along!

One Response to Oh no, I need an ingredient-free birthday cake! – Part Two

  1. Diane Eblin February 10, 2009 at 10:05 am #

    Poor Brad. He's such a trooper to eat more than one bite.