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North African Meatballs and Glazed Carrots with The Next Food Network Star

I love to watch The Next Food Network Star each year.  Each week the contestants are given different challenges to test their skills and their culinary point of view.  This year on Season 5, I picked my winner early.  I really liked Melissa d’Arabian.  She was fun, spunky, and didn’t cook in a restaurant.  Her […]

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Friday Foodie Fix – Tomato

This is the time of year you want to head to the farmers market to buy your tomatoes.  Vine ripened, organic, juicy and delicious is what you will find.  With more than a thousand varieties I hope you find one you like.  There are deep red, vivid orange to even dark purple.  I’d like to […]

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Chorizo With Garden Harvest

Every Wednesday I have no idea what I’m going to receive in my CSA bag.  When I bring it home I love to create dishes from as many of the vegetables in one dish as I can.  Of course the more vegetables I include the stronger the seasoning has to be so the vegetables are […]

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Fish Donuts, Candy Corn and Fried Yellow Tomatoes

So I set out tonight to make a slightly different fried fish dinner with corn and tomatoes.  When I served it this is what my guys called it, Fish Donuts, Candy Corn and Fried Yellow Tomatoes.  What I called it was Fried Halibut with Corn on the Cob and Fried Yellow Tomatoes.  Can you tell […]

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Chili Piquin Vegetarian Tortilla Soup

Some like it spicy, some like it hot and others like it to burn the @#*!! out of their mouth, eyes watering clear out your sinuses red face hot.  I’m in the middle, my son Andy I believe just loves it as hot as it can be. I think it started when we were out […]

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Salad for a Locavore with Champagne Dijon Vinaigrette

I love when the farmers markets open and the local fresh vegetables start showing up.  Fresh lettuces and tasty little cucumbers.   Of course the herbs and vegetables you grow yourself are organic and as local as it gets.  They’re also priced right.  This salad was created by what was available at the farmers market, my […]

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Gluten Free BLGT Sandwich

Have you ever been really hungry for a quick meal but didn’t want to cook?  Well that was where I found myself.   As my eyes darted around the kitchen for a meal to magically appear, the red and orange tomatoes I bought jumped out at me.  Hmmm, I’ve not had a BLT in a […]

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Gluten Free & Dairy Free Cheese steaks

I grew up outside of Philly and on cheese steaks.  I really miss them.  I don’t think anyone can recreate those crusty Italian hoagie rolls they are served on anywhere, gluten free or regular.  I think it must be something in the water.  With no equal roll around, these cheese steaks are served on a […]

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Turkey-roni Saved From Disaster

Here’s a piece of advice I need to follow in the future.  Don’t watch The Tudors while cooking or things will likely burn on top of the stove.   Well I was not paying attention to my skillet and my turkey-roni started to burn.  Still not paying attention, I added the liquid which then revealed liquid.  […]

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Buffalo & Beef Chili with Goats Eyes

It’s been cold and damp for the past few days so I was very happy that Chili was on my menu.  I’ve had this package of buffalo on my inventory list for some time just waiting to be used.  I had found it hiding at the bottom of my chest freezer when I had finally […]

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