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Pesto Shrimp on Polenta Portobellos

One thing I love about a shrimp dinner is it is fast and easy clean up.  Two things that make me and my husband (clean up duty) very happy.  This what we needed last night.  So I veered off the menu plan and started grabbing things out of the refrigerator, pantry and out to my […]

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Mushroom Risotto

I often hear people say that risotto is too difficult to make.  If stirring rice is hard then you won’t like making this dish.  This meal takes around 30 minutes to make and has a short list of ingredients.  When you serve it everyone will oooh and ahhh and because they think it’s so hard […]

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Chilean Sea Bass with Spinach and Mushrooms

Fast, fresh and delicious.  I love when I visit the fish department having no idea what fish I’ll be eating that night.  I buy what is wild caught, fresh and recommended.   It’s really great when these are also on sale.  This shopping trip the Chilean Sea Bass won out and I was very happy. If […]

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Gluten Free & Dairy Free Cheese steaks

I grew up outside of Philly and on cheese steaks.  I really miss them.  I don’t think anyone can recreate those crusty Italian hoagie rolls they are served on anywhere, gluten free or regular.  I think it must be something in the water.  With no equal roll around, these cheese steaks are served on a […]

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Beef and Noodles -Gluten Free

This is the time of year in Northern Virginia where we’ll have a few really nice warm sunny days in the high 60’s or low 70’s and then the next few days in the 40’s.  This can be very wearing and send me right to the comfort food meals.  A gravy rich beef and noodles […]

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Pizza Soup -Gluten and Dairy Free

I’ve been making this for many, many years however this time it’s gluten free and dairy free.  The idea of pizza soup started with me trying to get my boys to eat tomato soup.  Well it worked for one, my college guy who is a great cook and loves food.  I’m still working on 9th […]

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Seafood Stir-fry On A Budget?

As we sat down to dinner last night my husband pointed out this was an expensive dinner.  He didn’t know my secret. Yes there were scallops, shrimp and lobster but I had not spent a fortune on them and the lobster had been in the freezer for months just waiting for the perfect recipe.  The […]

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Mom’s Chili Recipe

My mom is a great cook. I learned so much from her. She can open a refrigerator and where most people would see a bunch of different food items she sees meals. This is a gift I am happy to say she passed along to me. I just can’t understand when my family opens the […]

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Mushroom Green Beans with Meatloaf in Minutes

Tonight’s dinner was even easier to make because I just pulled out the half of meatloaf from the freezer that I had cooked a couple of weeks ago.  If you’re going to cook it doesn’t take that much more effort to make twice as much as you’re going to eat in one sitting, especially when […]

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