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Refried Beans – 8 Variations

We love Mexican cooking around here so having refried bean on hand is a must.  I’ve always kept canned beans but working to get away from processed foods I’ve started making my own.  What a difference in taste!  There is no comparison to beans from a can to your homemade beans in your recipes.  Beans […]

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Creamy and Regular Tomatillo Salsa -Gluten Free & Casein Free

I will warn you up front, this is hard to stop eating.  The flavors dance on your tongue and cause you to keep picking up chip after chip and dipping and eating.  I couldn’t stop myself.  This is a great salsa but an amazing creamy salsa too.  I will find many ways to use these […]

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Chipotle Shrimp

These shrimp are a quick go to meal around my house.  I change up the spices for whatever mood I’m in and this is my chipotle version.   Thawing and cleaning takes the most time.  If you purchase shrimp already thawed, cleaned and deveined all you need to do is rinse up and dry to get […]

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Mexican Vegetable Frittata -Gluten & Casein Free

I love the one pot/pan meals, it makes clean up fast and easy.  I also love frittatas because you can add in whatever you have on hand.  Keep this in mind as you create your frittata from this recipe.  If I use an ingredient that you don’t have or don’t like, change it up with […]

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Mom’s Chili Recipe

My mom is a great cook. I learned so much from her. She can open a refrigerator and where most people would see a bunch of different food items she sees meals. This is a gift I am happy to say she passed along to me. I just can’t understand when my family opens the […]

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Extremely Easy Turkey Breast with Broccoli and Garnet Yams

Some days you just need easy.  Well this meal is very easy.   The yam and the broccoli I cooked in the microwave and seasoned with chipotle when served. The turkey breast is just adorable.  You can see the size compared to the yam.   I find these at my local Whole Foods.  If you can’t find […]

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Turkey Fajitas and Beans with Homemade Tortillas

Today I spent the day watching the festivities just down the road from Washington, D.C. What a grand day for our country to watch the peaceful transfer of power and to its first African American President.  There is a strong feeling of hope in our country again.  I can’t wait to see what is born […]

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Shrimp and Chorizo

Ingredients: 1 medium organic onion cut in half and then slice it down the sides not the ends 2 chorizo links cut on a diagonal 1 pound large uncooked shrimp (26/30) cleaned, deveined and with the tail on 1 cup frozen organic peas 1 tsp cumin 1 TBS virgin coconut oil 1 tsp canola or […]

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Shrimp and Chorizo

This was a fast and easy meal to make and eat.  We actually dug in so fast I only got a picture of the tails that were left.  It took 5 minutes prep work and 10 minutes to cook.  I used leftover rice but if you were starting from scratch allow time for whatever rice […]

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Mexican Soup

Ingredients: 1 large diced onion ½ red pepper diced 1 pablano pepper diced ½-1 cup corn 1 can organic pinto beans 1 7oz can fire roasted diced tomatoes 1 TB Cumin 1 tsp Expote 1 TB Cilantro 1 tsp Aleppo chili powder 2 TB Ancho chili powder 1-2 whole casabella peppers Penzey’s 1 clove Garlic […]

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