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Obamas to Plant White House Vegetable Garden

Last year, Kitchen Gardeners International started a petition campaign to encourage the White House to plant a vegetable garden.  Guess what, it worked!  Today the New York Times confirmed that the Obamas are indeed planting a garden.  They’ll “feed their love of Mexican food with cilantro, tomatillos and hot peppers.  Lettuces will include red romaine, […]

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Do You Know What Foods Are In Season Where You Live?

Have you read that eating locally grown in season foods is good for both our bodies and our planet?  Me too, but what’s in season in Virginia in March? If you’re like me, you’ve become accustomed to getting just about anything at any time of the year at the grocery store.  So how do we […]

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Vinegar Does the Job for Less

I bet you have a bottle of white distilled vinegar stashed somewhere in your pantry that is collecting dust.  Maybe you get it out every year to color eggs or for that science project of erupting volcanoes.  Well that vinegar can help you keep your house and food clean while saving you a lot of […]

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What’s New on my CSA Farm

Well it’s not even spring yet but the farm is hard at work.  I have started receiving updates from Potomac Vegetable Farms on the progress of my summer foods.  I find this very cool.  I’ve had my own little garden with herbs and peppers but I really do not have a clue what it takes […]

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Top 10 Tips for A Less Wasteful 2009

Reusablebags shares its list of 10 tips to waste less.  Of course keep in mind their solutions include their products but nonetheless still helpful.  These items can be found in many places and you may even have some already.  Reusing these items instead of buying disposable items will also save you money. If you’ve not […]

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Stainless-steel Food Containers

I found a photo of an avocado in an oval stainless-steel container in The Washington Post food section today.  My first thought was that’s cute.  Then I realized it was not plastic and squealed cool.  Good thing I was alone eating lunch. This container is compact and great to carry your lunch.  I want to […]

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My First Organic Farm Share – CSA

I finally registered for my first farm share, CSA, before they were all sold out!  I’m very excited.  There are many great farms out there that sell shares and the one closest to me is Potomac Vegetable Farm in Vienna Virginia.   I purchased a regular share this year.  They have the option of a mini […]

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MOM’S Gets Trashy

MOM’S – My Organic Market, has released its recycling numbers for 2008.  According to their numbers they diverted over 1,721,459 pounds, or 860 tons from the landfill last year. Some results include 875 gallons of batteries, 150,000 pounds of produce trimmings, 29,000 pounds of commingled items, and 1,497,600 pounds of cardboard.  That’s just a partial […]

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Eco-Steal – Green Deals One at a Time

Thank you to Robin Shreeves at A Little Greener Every Day blog for writing about Eco-Steal.   Great find! This company only sells one eco-friendly product at a time but at a discount of 40-80% off retail.  Oh and did I mention these products are premium green, eco-friendly and organic?  How cool is that!  You […]

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How To Be Green When It’s Lean

The old song that has the line, it’s not easy being green, must have had these hard economic times in mind.  Right now you’re probably not thinking about installing a roof full of solar panels that in the long run would save you lots of money but in the short run cost a lot.  In […]

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